Who’s the player the lions can least afford to lose?

Looking at the roster, to me, it has to be ragnow. The drop off in talent from him to his backup is the steepest. Almost every other position group we have decent depth for others to step in and play at a similar level. Our linebacker Corp is so unimpressive it almost doesn’t matter who plays. Ragnow is going to be the key to the run game and therefore the entire offense. I think everything Anthony Lynn wants to do is going to be built off that. Decker can be replaced by Sewell, who can be replaced by Crosby. I’m hoping stenburg can make enough strides to come in at guard if needed. Hockenson would be my second choice of players we can’t afford to lose. What do you all think?



I assume by “lose”, you mean to injury or something. As much as I hate to say it, it’s Jared Goff.That is the biggest positional drop-off we have. Tim Boyle has yet to play a regular season snap last I heard, and then David Blough, is David Blough.


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Can we win without Jared Goff?

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Ragnow on offense.

On defense it has to be AO and Okudah. If either of them go down, you’re likely looking at a UDFA replacement.

This thread reveals to me my true impression of Goff, as I literally laughed out loud at his name appearing.

I would actually like to see Blough in a different offense. I never thought he was awful and let’s not forget he was thrown into the fire as a rookie. With time and more coaching I could see him being a good backup

Otherwise I would say Ragnow, maybe Decker depending on if we keep Crosby.

If you take out the obvious answer of Goff, I’m going with Hockenson.

Everybody–players, coaches, analysts, fans–have said Hockenson is in line for a huge year. He’s going to be the focal point of the offense. With the current wr corps, losing Hockenson to injury would be devastating.


Probably Levi Onwuzurike. No one can rush except him. I know, he’s a rookie.


He lost weight and looks faster. How you gonna replace those skills?

I mean, I could be describing Richard Simmons too, who probably could play LB better than Tavai did last year…but…


Prater…Oh, wait.

One of these cats goes down, so does the rest of the ship

Goff, Swift, Hock…I don’t see many wins if any one of these 3 guys miss significant time. Just not enough offensive firepower

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Without Goff, the Lions are a 1-15 or 2-14 team.

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Don Muhlback


I can’t see them surviving without the cheerleaders…

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Losing Goff or hock would be rough.

Losing Goff would certainly tank our season, but as I’m keeping my hopes in check this year and see .500 as our ceiling, I don’t think he would be our worst loss.

For me, losing a young guy who needs reps to develop would be the worst. Sewell, Okudah, Jonah Jackson, Swift, etc… Those guys need to play so they can be our stalwarts in 2-3 years.

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To me it may be LBer Jamie Collins. Jamie still has real NFL game and he is our only proven NFL LBer. He can do it all and I think this staff will get a great season out of Collins. No one else can do what he can do here.

Folks mention Goff but we are focusing on running the football and if Goff gores down having a mobile back up might work in the short term. I think Blough has a shot at the #2 job (or to stick as a #3 QB) and I don’t think we will be as bad as under Patricia when Matt went down.