Who should get an extension for 2024+?

So after seeing a few of the projected 53 man rosters.
The projected cap space right now for 2023 is well over $8m. Lets just call it $8 foe the argument.

Ive heard reports the cap could go up as much as 8-10%. Average is 5%. Lets just say 6%.

So based on that info. Lions will have roughly $50m in cap space with 33 current players still signed. Plus 7 draft picks. So 40 players total.

$50m for 13 players is VERY good. So who should the lions extend?

Scale of 1-5
1 pass

FA for 2024.
DE C. harris. Currently $5m (3)
DB CJGJ currently $4.5m (3)
WR Raymond currently $4m (3)
WR Reynolds currently $4m (2)
G Jackson currently $3.3m (4)
FB Cabinda currently $2.5 (1)
G/C Glasgow currently $2.3m (3)
WR Jomes currently $2.2m (2)
LB Reeves Maybin $1.8m (2)
WR Mims $1.8 (2)
QB Sudfield $1.6 (0)
T nelson $1.3 (2)
DB Harris $1.2 (3)
LS Mquaid $1.1 (1)
RB Jackson $1.1 (1)
DE Houston $1 (5)
G Ifedi $1 (2)
DL Covington $1 (2)
TE Wright $1 (2)
DB jacobs $1 (3)
K Patterson $1 (3)
DB lucas $1 (3)

Really a short list i think of who to keep
G Jackson and DE houston for sure sign i think.

Other than that 1 or 2 DB OL and WR keep of all thats there. Everyone else id be ok with letting go

Just keep an eye on those guys this season to see if they earn a contract.

Also how GREAT is this that the team is going to be good and the lions will still have a lot of money on the table to improve!

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That $8m in 23 will get chewed up with injury replacement signings and/or vet opportunity signings.

Thry need to build in how 25 will look with Sun God and Sewell extended so as not to cap strap themselves by burning their $ up with a 2024 3 year deal to guys that arent as big of a priority (Harris and probably CGJGEIEIO, whatever his name is).

Also, Houston will be ERFA in 24, so no big bag unless they decide to, otherwise, 25.

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Some of them guys are restricted free agents or ERFA.

Romeo & Big V are also UFA free agents not on the list

Extend Khalif Raymond.
CGJ likely wants to test the waters again next week

Yes my bad on Romeo and Big V. Forgot those are voidable years and dead cap.

And not worried about 2025 yet. Only 2 worth mentioning there so far is Goff and St Brown. And a few others.

But this list was more or less of guys to watch this season to see if they earn a contract or not

Gotta put Jonah on there I believe.

I got us with $185 committed to 2024 with 31 players signed (not including UDFA’s most of whom will be cut).
You’ll need $23M ($1M per player) to fill out the top 53 players.
Another $8M to sign your rookie class.
Another $10M for in season, practice squad and elevation

That would put you at $226M committed for 2024.

We are losing about $38M (12 guys making over $1.5M) worth of talent in UFA (click on 2024 and the select DET), that would count $27M against the cap to replace

Jonah would cost $12M . . . maybe.

So that would put you at $265M committed to 2024, less a $7M carryover would leave us with $258M committed to 2024. OTC estimates the cap at being $256M for 2024. So that leaves us with minus $2M to spend for the year.

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Aren’t those guys already replaced with your 22 million from above? (You said 23 mil)

Also, likely Jonah doesn’t stay so he’s replaced that’s another 12M or his deal is backloaded costing him maybe 5 mil against the cap.

Are there any freebie guys like Will Harris contract available for next year?

(That 185 against the cap for 31 guys included dead cap for Big V, Romeo, etc right?)

256 cap - 226 = 30 million under and we have decisions to make such as Jonah, or paying more for Free Agent acquisitions than the 1 million it costs to replace them (for instance Leaf Raymond might be 4 mil against cap)

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Justin Rogers takes a look at what a Jonah Jackson extension would look like, could look like.
It’s paywalled.


Minimum salary guys are roughly $1M each . . . so $1M each to fill out the roster with practice squad guys. Adding guys with talent will adds to the roster (i.e. a 2024 CJGJ @ $6.5M would replace a $1M guy, so he’d cost an additional $5.5M).

Very true

Yes, Will Harris would qualify again. Julian would qualify if he’s on the roster for the entire 2023 season as would Stenberg.



Rogers proposes
a 4yr 50m extension with a 15m signing bonus slightly higher than B Powers recent deal.
If they get it done this offseason a prorated portion of the signing bonus could be attached to this years cap and leave a cap number of 4-6m for 2024.
Final 3yrs around 14m with any remaining guarrantees being paid out in 2025.

Think I have the gist of it right.

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@DeadStroke your the man thank you for spelling that out

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Looking at 2024, there’s no way we pay Tracey Walker 13 million.

He takes a cut like Romeo, Vatai, Chuck Harris or he is cut and replaced by Branch


Except, we aren’t paying him $13M, we are paying him $8M in 2024. Cap hit is $13M if we keep him, $5M if we cut him . . . the difference is the $8M cash due in 2024.

I don’t think $8M is out of line for Walker, but a down year or another injury and I think we approach him for a pay cut.

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If he has a good year then he could be one of those guys where if we need a couple million then just give him $4 million converted to signing bonus.

Agree if he has down year then pay cut

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Yea especially since hes only a $7m dead cap. Very easy to restructure that.

But re working the numbers.

7 rookies. + dead cap plus IR, plus practice squad. And added dead cap from cuts.

All together i still say well over 50m in space.

And who knows how much the cap is going to go up. Ive seen some a little as 6% yo up to 12%.

And yes.
Houtson, Wright, Jacobs, Patterson, Pittman, Benson, Alexander. piercherbacher and B Jones and a few more PS guys are all RFA or ERFAs.

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The guy hasn’t played a single down for the Lions and he’s already testing the waters next week? Sheesh.


Except when BH gets half these guys to take half of what they’ve been making because we are the hottest destination in the league!

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Yeah I’m in the vast minority here but I’m not paying Jonah…and I’m told nobody is tagging a guard but I would :man_shrugging:t2: (if he has a really good year). Not many teams have ever been in our situation where we aren’t paying a ton of young talent nothing. So our 2024 cap will be kind of a non issue overpaying for a 1 year guard.

I will even let Jonah just sign somewhere else and take the potential ~4th round comp pick. Guards are among the easiest positions to fill. Especially when they are sandwiched between stud tackles and a center.

I would rather pay a big FA the roughly ~12m a year before a guard.

Projected Franchise tag for OL (because its all OL not just guards) is projected to be $23m+!
Im not giving him that! Hell you could have him for 23m and 2 years.

But as for guaranteed money. Most guards are around 50%
Guaranteed vs total

I hear you and totally understand. That’s why it’s never happened and probably never will.

That’s why I would rather sign a CB2 for the kind of money Jonah is going to get. I just don’t think it makes sense to pay guards big money.

And if Jonah is solid, as in top 10 at his position, he’s signing for more than 11.5m per