Who thinks we should take Herbert to force a trade

Not me. When is the last time this team had an actual star? Too many middling players. I really want to see a real difference maker. Quinn hasn’t exactly filled the team with stars.

Think about it Lions in win win position If some team jumps up to take QB into Skins #2 fine we take Young at #3

If he goes to Skins we do the trade down an there will be teams willing to move up to#3 for a QB

I don’t think Skins pass on Young but if they do I can live with Young at #3.

Stories of trades are just same as fans here making up mocks or wishing for a player.
The people writing them in some cases know less than some Fans. That is a Fact!

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I thought this would have worked as well… because everyone knew the Dolphins and Chargers wanted QBs.

Specifically … the Chargers REALLY needed to draft a QB because they were moving into the new stadium without Rivers. And… they were already miles behind the Rams in generating buzz in the LA market.

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I have made statements about doing it this year if we don’t get any trade down options. It was ridiculous last year, EVERYONE knew we were taking Okudah at #3 so there was zero urgency to make a move with us. I would seriously consider taking Fields if he’s there and we don’t get a trade down offer to force the issue.

In some drafts, that strategy wouldn’t work.

In this particular draft, I think it would. However, I wouldn’t try it with either Mac Jones or Lance.

I wouldn’t either.