Who thinks we should take Herbert to force a trade

… if Miami or SD will not trade with us to start?

Why pick one of the 2 QBs?:

  1. Because Miami and SD both need a QB and will be taking Tua and Herbert. It seems like a given at this point.
  2. If they try calling our bluff (that we will not take a QB), then by taking one of them we can force a draft day trade.
  3. Herbert is supposed to be a top 5 prospect.

Why Herbert and not Tua:

  1. I’m scared to death of the bust potential of Tua due to injury concerns even if he is given the green light on the hip recovery for now. Too much of a risk.
  2. If we ended up stuck with Herbert it could be a great thing for the team.
  3. Herbert is supposed to be more physically talented than any other QB in the class.
  4. Herbert still has things that need fixing in his game before he is a starter, but he is supposed to be close and we aren’t looking for a starter anyways.
  5. Would be great insurance for injury to Stafford.
  6. If he develops the way we like we could have a tradable asset down the road, or a good tough decision to make.
  7. Now might be the time for a move like this since we have a top 3 pick, and I think I trust Bevell to make a decision on if Herbert could be the guy.

But what about Stafford:

  1. I am a big supporter of his, and he would remain the starter.
  2. Herbert likely gets traded during THIS DRAFT, but if he doesn’t he is great insurance for us.
  3. If Stafford keeps playing at his current level for the next decade, then we trade Herbert down the road.

To be clear, I want defense at the top of this draft, but I really want the trade down and then defense.

Who likes this idea?

I would be livid if we took Herbert.


again, I think Herbert is a bit of a project-type QB that needs to develop his game for a season or three until he has worked on his progression, his mechanics, his accuracy, his vision, his decision-making, and ball placement/touch AWHILE before starting with some team immediately without a QB coach or any work to ANY of these areas. let him start @ QB when most or all of these concerns have been worked on at length and they become more “second nature” to him when he does start and really doesn’t HAVE to think about any of these things because he HAS rigorously studied them and KNOWS what he has to do more automatically. Therein it’s a non-issue. and he is far better for it.

From Jeff Risdon at LionsWire:

Happy birthday to Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford! The Lions longtime QB turns 32 today (Feb. 7th).

Stafford has already played 11 NFL seasons at his relatively young age. He ranks very high in a plethora of historical categories for NFL players through age 31.

Here are a few examples of Stafford’s historical rankings:

Passing yards – 41,205, second (Peyton Manning 41,626)

Worth noting that Stafford has played in 149 career games, 11 fewer than Manning did on his 32nd birthday.

Passing TDs – 256, third (Manning 306 and Dan Marino 290)

Completions – 3,559, first (Manning 3,468 is next)

Attempts – 5,696, first (Drew Bledsoe 5,599 is 2nd)

Interceptions – 138, 17th

Marino and Bledsoe top the INT list with 165 apiece. Most of the other QBs above Stafford here played in the less passer-friendly era before Marino, a list that includes five Pro Football Hall of Famers. Stafford’s INT rate of 2.35 (INTs thrown per 100 throws) is 16th-best all-time for his age. Aaron Rodgers is the best at 1.64.

Sacked – 347, 6th

Randall Cunningham was sacked 439 times in just 103 career starts by his 32nd birthday. Stafford has been sacked the exact same amount of times as Russell Wilson, who turns 32 in November. Stafford has the same career sack rate (5.7 sacks per 100 dropbacks) as Brett Favre, Dan Fouts and Troy Aikman when those Hall of Famers all turned 32.

Pick-sixes – 20, 1st (Marino, 16)

Not a category Stafford wants to lead…

Game-winning drives – 34, 1st (Matt Ryan and Marino, 32)

4th quarter comebacks – 28, 1st (Ryan, 24)

No quarterback has ever created more late-game victories prior to age 32 than Matthew Stafford.


Based on the replies, I think my initial post was not clear. I completely edited my post to hopefully more clearly convey my point.

I am a huge Stafford fan. He is my favorite player on the team and if he is healthy I want him as the starter until the wheels fall off. There was not a QB playing better football than him at the midpoint of last season. If he can play that way for the next decade (and get us a championship) then I am all in.

Having said all of that, now might be the time to take the gamble I am proposing in this thread and force Miami/ SDs hand. My intent would be to force a trade, and if the gamble blows up on us address backup QB with a big time prospect.

One caveat, I would only take this gamble if Bevell loves Herbert as a prospect - just in case we can’t trade him.

Has anyone done a move like this before?
Seems highly risky

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I am only proposing this to force a trade. I edited my original post to more clearly convey my point.

My point is that it appears to be a given that Miami and SD will be taking Tua and Herbert. If no trade offers come for our pick, why not force their hand.

To be clear I want Stafford as our Starter for the foreseeable future. But I am starting to think that we can force a trade (like was done with Eli Manning) with Miami or SD if they don’t come calling. We wouldn’t need much value in return, I’d even take just an extra 2nd round pick.

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Eli Manning.

San Diego took Eli Manning with no intention of keeping him. They even had NY take Phillip Rivers so they could make the trade with them.

So for our situation we would get on the phone with Miami and if they want Tua then we get on the phone with SD. We tell SD if they want Herbert then they need to take Jeff Okuda/ Derrick Brown etc and give us some extra picks with that player in order to get him.

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Agreed. I could see the media pushing this as a way to keep the fans engaged for the next few months, but I wonder if NFL teams would be just shaking their heads at the notion.

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Chase Young come on down. Let it be so


I would love this as well. Chase Young at 3.

Who is Dan Sileo though, and is this even true?

Sorry. I misunderstood. Yes, in terms of gamesmanship we should absolutely feign interest in the QBs.

Nah. I think you have to work it out beforehand.


Yeah. I think it can only be a smokescreen. Too risky to actually select him without a deal in hand.

He’s an oft-fired radio personality. Probably rubbish, but who knows.

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Ahhhh - I much prefer trade down to Young. Wonder if there’s another way this could work out?

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Gezz take the the forsure talent, wanting extra picks for Quinn to use , he’s not exacty hitting on draft picks, none really had much impact last year they played just not very well. And other then Gallowday really none of his picks in 4 years has been anything but avg. Not one really impactful player other then Gallowday. Ill take Chase Young at 3 and be happy as hell , if Quinn passed on him for extra pics he should be fired immediately.

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Oh, I’m sure we’ll come up with a few suggestions over the next couple months, LOL.

Chase Young is the best player in the draft. I’d gladly accept him as our pick.

I’d still say odds are highest of Burrow, Young and Okudah going 1-2-3.

You never really know what Ross will do, though. He’s the same guy who outbid Mayhew for Suh. He’s desperate to make that team relevant. I could easily see him trading away everything for Tua, despite having former Patriots running the team.


I agree. What stops San Diego from making a deal to get Rosen CHEAP since he won’t be needed in Miami, then play him. They go 1-15 and get Lawrence next year without using up a ton of draft capital.

You would have to know they want Herbert…If we take Herbert at #3 a solid player moves down a notch too, so their selection at #7 just got better. It isn’t like Herbert is going to take them to the top of the mountain next year.