Who was the Lions prospect(s) you thought were sure-fire, yet didn't work out?

I know, I know. Plenty to choose from, eh?

I’ll freely admit my teenage (read: stupid) ass bit hard on both Charles Rogers & Roy Williams.

“Just wait until Rogers heals up, we about to tear it up!”

TBH, I still think he would’ve been an incredible player had he stayed clean & healthy.

Roy Williams … sorta worked out? He had talent, but man it was inconsistent.

I had my fill by the Mike Williams pick, but I do remember being optimistic about the potential.

Boy was I upset Mike McMahon didn’t work out. Growing up in the bay area made me adore mobile QBs with watching Steve Young’s magic. McMahon’s accuracy was so bad, I’m surprised he could execute a HB toss/pitch.

I admit to buying into the Luke Staley hype. The guy ran for a billion yards in college, but had 200k miles on his tread. Dude was weaker than balsa wood by the time we got him.

I’m trying to think of others, and will add more later, but give me some of yours!

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Wtf happened to Roy Williams, he came in catching everything, even some just insane grabs with one hand and his body in crazy positions…i mean, some of it was eye popping stuff. And then all of that just kinda faded away…and then so did he. Just a guy.

Laken…i though he was Warford all over again.

Andre Ware. I wasnt even close on that one. Andre is why I am leery of one year wonder QBs

Going back even further, David Lewis and Reggie Rogers.


I thought Leshoure would be pretty good but injury early hurt his chances.

My brother has only bought me one jersey, it was out of the blue, 2 weeks after his concussion, sadly #44 Best still hangs in the closet, though I probably wore it here and there. Loved Best!

I’m like you with the WRs. I thought Roy was fine, sometimes inconsistent. But he always wanted to be a Cowboy, got his wish and THEN his career fell off. Karma?

I thought Boss Bailey, Ernie Simms and DeAndre Levy would have “good” careers.


I thought Barret Green would be the key to stop teams from eating us alive with screens.



I was also a big Reuben Droughns fan when he was coming out of college. I still remember him running all over MSU for 200+ yards one year. He was unstoppable


Oh wow, yeah – I remember Barrett Green being great on NFL2K :laughing:

I remember thinking he would be the perfect compliment to yet another bust – Chris Claiborne.

(Holy crap, I forgot Chris Claiborne went NINTH OVERALL!)


I remember talking to a guy at a mall in Central California who loved Droughns because he was a classmate of his when he was in JuCo there.

He totally got me so hyped. :slightly_frowning_face:


I forgot another one: Aaron Gibson.

I thought he was going to be a perfect fit for Bobby Ross football.

Ironically, the last time I saw him, he had abs. :open_mouth:

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Andre Ware was such an odd draft pick at the time. Didn’t we have Peete and kramer at the time? we were set.

The story of Ware forgetting the play from the huddle to the line is just…crazy.


Laken Tomlinson for me.
PFF went on to release a scouting report that gave him something like the highest grade ever. I thought they might even play him at RT. I still wonder if he’s better than we think he is at this point. He frustrated the heck out of Donald, facing him 1-on-1 most snaps. If I had to guess, I’d say that’s partly why SF took a gamble on him, since they have to face Donald twice a year.


Claiborne, Teddy Lehman, Roy, Gibson, Gerald Alexander, Bryant Westbrook, Kevin Jones, but really, the biggest one and the one that totally hosed us…



This topic is too painful for me to revisit.


I remember thinking Chuck Long was one of the best college QBs I ever saw. He just seemed to have that “it” factor.

With all these QBs who flamed out in Detroit over the years – Long, Ware, Harrington – you wonder how much was them and how much was the inferior coaching and players around them factoring in.


Yeah, Andre was a product of the Mouse Davis run and shoot offense. He put up huge numbers that won him the Heisman and a first round pick that seemed like a perfect fit for Detroit at the time.


Juan Roque. He’s a mountain of a man. 6’8" and 335lbs.

Yeah, Claiborne, he was gonna patrol the middle for ten years in Detroit!


Im feeling nauseous.


Chris Claiborne was mine.
Close 2nd was Germaine Crowell. Looked like a stud early on.


I freaking LOVED Germane Crowell! Wasn’t it a knee injury that got him?

Westbrook took so long to improve, it only figures rhat once he did, he blew out his achillies.

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Here’s another one, but different.

Steve Marriucci.

I watched the 49ers play and thought he was the o e to finally turn us around.


I still want to know WTF happened to his offense.

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Easy question for me.
Kyle Van Noy
I’ll never forget where I was and when it happened. I almost stopped my car cause of my happiness. This is the type of LB we need. He’ll transition into this rush LB off the edge. Can’t wait to see him consistently pressuring other qb’s. The cb’s will all look better. And Suh will gobble up the sacks. This is a GREAT move!


At this rate, can we go ahead and add Jalen Reeves-Maybin?

I really thought he’d be a solid speedster guy.

I liked Killebrew a ton especially with the Las Vegas connection, but wasn’t quite as sure as I was with JRM.

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