Who will become Lions' top red-zone scoring receiver? poll

  • St. Brown
  • LaPorta
  • Jamo
  • Gibbs
  • Other
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I see LaPorta leading. This would be true if Stafford was the QB. He loved to throw the pass high so that only CJ could catch it. As a result, he overthrew a lot of passes to shorter receivers in the endzone. Goff, on the other hand , likes ARSB getting open underneath.

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@coyote12 votes for an UDFA practice squad dude


St. Brown will never allow anyone to out produce him.
He’s always been taking names and kicking ass.


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While I love St. Brown. The question was specific to the red zone. The Lions best red zone threat IMO are named Monty and Gibbs. We run the ball down your throat. Last year they had roughly 25 Touchdowns. LaPorta on play action is all set up by the run threat.

I vote for an even blend that includes unheralded names like Shane Zylstra. Goff likes to throw it to the open guy no one is expecting to get the ball.


Antoine green. Just to be different.


I voted “other” for DPJ.

This is more an attempt to look smart at sports guessing using the widely-accepted talking head technique:

  • Prognosticate on something with an outside-the-norm take
  • Ignore it if it doesn’t happen
  • Shout from the rooftops and proclaim one’s own brilliance if it does manage to happen

Good idea. I’m going with either AG, DPJ, Gibbs, Monty, Reynolds, Vaki, Lif, Dylstra, Wright, Mitchell, or I. Williams.

LaPorta, and T. Smith have over a 8% TD percentage when targeted.

Jamo and ARSB and DPJ have over a 4%

Then theres BC Brock.
With a MASSIVE 12%+ TD%.

Thats all just receiving however.

Lions last year were nearly 50/50 when it came to Rushing vs Passing TDs.
47.5% rushing, 52.5% passing
Thats the 8th highest Rushing TD rate in the NFL.
Thats a big reason why Goff doesnt have as many TDs as other QBs.

If we are talking about whose gonna get the most targets OR Carries in the redzone, id place my money on either Monty or Gibbs.

Monty up the middle or gibbs around.


Pass catching only.

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If thats the case.

1 LaPorta
2 Jamo

but the secret weapon MIGHT be T Smith! With Drew Breese at QB he averaged a 12% TD RATE
14 tds off of 115 targets in 3 seasons

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Gibbs is going to have an all-time fantasy season.