Who would you like to play in the first round?

I agree.

Rams #1
Green Bay #2
Seattle #3

Unless something unexpected happens I see those as the most likely options.

A think Tampa will have a say in how this all plays out. They finish the season with:

@ Atlanta, @ Green Bay, JAX, SAINTS, @ Carolina

If they lose vs Atlanta they will go into full tank mode. If they beat Atlanta and are tied for first place in the division, it makes the Green Bay game super interesting for playoffs. Based on QB injuries in JAX & New Orleans I could see them winning their last 3 games. If they split Atlanta & Green Bay they could finish 9-8.

It would definitely fire up the fan base. On one hand if we beat the Rams and Goff had a good game it would cement the trade. If Matthew came in here and shredded our defense then the Goff threads are coming out in force. Either way this board would be getting a ton of traffic

I appreciate the snark, but he has legit made a good SF defense statistically better…but oh well, we’re not statistically ready to add a player that makes the defense better this year…but next year? Look out!

“Legit”? Has he? How exactly? Just his mere presence on the roster? Does that include these last two weeks as he continues to cede more and more snaps to Clelin Ferrell and Randy Gregory?

I feel weird about the Rams. Moreso Stafford. I don’t know how badly I’d want the Lions to play a QB who is more than comfortable playing at Ford Field, and certainly used to the crowd noise here.

Rams, no question

Goff and Company will crush their D, my guess is it gets ugly for the goats mid 3rd quarter, aw heck, these Rams ain’t going to “ no playoffs “ no how, no way

Sorry but this worn down version of MS is a shell of the MS you boys know and love

Wow – all good perspectives, and its really pretty even so far.

In thinking about it a little more, I’m thinking the “best win” would be Green Bay. I want to torture them for decades. The “best loss” (would hurt the least) would be Seattle. I just don’t care about them as much as the others. The “worst loss” would be a toss-up between GB and LA. There is no “worst win”, they would all be putting a sword into the heart of the devil!

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Matthew would accidentally fumble at least a couple times in this game. Right? right? Am I wrong? Yes?

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Seattle would be the worst loss and the best win. Dan needs a victory over Pete more than anything.

Yes - Carrol is reallly getting annoying, I can see that.

But I think everybody has their own perspective on this, its just interesting to read the justification of the picks. There are those of us who just can’t shake the SOL, so think of it in terms of avoiding the worst loss. Others are thinking who they really want to beat, so they are fully on board with the BNL.


In that order for me.

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You’re not allowed.

GB - I want their fans to continue to think they have something at QB. I’m not so sure. I’d rather not put them out of their misery just yet, rather I’d like them to writhe in pain next year as it becomes apparent that neither LaFleur nor Love are the answer.

Minny - I just don’t want to see them a 3rd time in 21 days. Ick.

LA - This would be a great story line and the 2nd-most gratifying win. This would probably be the most gratifying win for the players.

Seattle - Carroll has the 2nd-most punchable face to LaFleur, but what that team has done to us the past year, and what it would mean for MCDC to defeat the guy that has kinda had his number, would be huge. This would be an accomplishment on Dan and the team’s part, exorcising a demon of sorts. {through gritted teeth} I want this effing win!

random fact:
There have been 23 times that a team has swept another team in the regular season (2-0) and had to face them a third time in the playoffs. These teams have gone 14-9 to complete the three game sweep.

Yeah, I don’t like it. GB would set up nicely for a heartbreaking defeat one or the other because we’ve already split with them. Minny we’re yet to play. If we went 0-2 or 1-1, I wouldn’t mind facing them at all.

Green Bay. We cock blocked them from the playoffs last season, so let’s give them a one and done this season.

Otherwise I’d say whoever wins the NFC South since we swept the division.

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