Who would you like to play in the first round?

We have a 99% probability of making the playoffs. And an 82% chance of winding up as either the two (33%) or three (49%) seed. In this scenario, if you look at the teams likely to end up as our first round opponent (i.e. the 6 or the 7 seed), its most likely to be among four teams - Minnesota, Green Bay, LA Rams, or Seattle. Who would you want to face in round 1?

  • Minnesota
  • Green Bay
  • LA Rams
  • Seattle
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I want revenge on Seattle. I want a win against a team that would mean more than just beating the Vikings or Packers.


Not Seattle.

First loss this year? Seattle.
Ended playoff hopes last year? Seattle.
Last playoff loss? Seattle.

We play them in big games for us and go home mad. â– â– â– â–  Seattle.

No chance I want to see anything good for MIN or GB I hope they both miss out somehow.

That just leaves the Rams. I’d like to see the Rams.

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The Bye


Exactly why I voted for the Seahawks.

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That’s exactly why I want to play them…because we’ll be motivated to “right a wrong”. We won’t be an underdog, but Dan will make the team feel like one. That’s when we play best.

Same here, brother. Still a 14% chance of that happening, and it goes up if Dallas beats Philly.

We were motivated the “right the wrong” this season and got beat at home. There wouldn’t be much national draw at all with Seattle.

Stafford vs Goff would be the highlight of most of the talk shows. All the national shows debating “the trade”. Out with the old, in with the new. Campbell vs McVay. The fans would be SUPER pumped this game.

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I would have been before. Last year with playoffs on the line. Or the in the playoffs. Or opening day this year. They seem to have our number in big games. I’d like to see us get some footing before we go back there. Seattle in big games, or Baltimore with Tucker. It just bad for us.

Seattle. Because ■■■■ those guys. I live in Seattle country and I’m tired of the smug condescending remarks after every time they beat us

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The team who will lose to us!! :upside_down_face::crazy_face::joy:

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In four words, “Beat Dallas, we own the conference”! Wait Syd, thats six words.

Not if you bundle them…

chaos ensues…

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After the BYE I do not care. The Lions will need to beat at least 2 good teams in a row to make a Super Bowl. This will likely be 3 this year. I am not sure it matters much. All of those teams pose concerns.
But I think the Bears and GB are the weakest of the 4. Stafford is a concern just from the perspective that he can throw 3 dumb INTs or he could cook a team. It is a wild card. Plus I would pass watching Aaron murdering the interior Oline.
Seahags are the best but they do not scare me in the least.

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I agree with you on the Lions vs Rams matchup being #1. You said it well. I will add my #2:

The Packers have a national audience. The world watched us get owned by the Packers on T-Day. The Packers beat us in the last Detroit Lions home playoff game 30 years ago. It was January 8, 1994. This game would be played at Ford Field in January of 2024.

While I don’t like facing a division opponent too many times, there are alot of demons we can slay if that were the matchup. Call me selfish but I would rather play in the 1st round and win a playoff game than have a bye week and lose the first playoff game.

I was thinking about this today.

Minny is probably the worst of the 4 likely opponents because of their qb situation but I hate the idea of playing a division team

Green Bay is playing the best and is a division team so not them.

I don’t want to play the Rams because I won’t be able to handle all the “Stafford finally won a playoff game in Ford Field” jokes if we lose.

The Seahawks are scary at wr but have a qb who has not been playing well. It would be a nice boost if we could finally beat Seattle and to do it in a playoff game would be awesome.

Also, I don’t know any seachicken fans so if we’re to lose I’d chalk it up as they have our number and move on to the draft :joy:.

I vote Seattle!!

Vikings. Only team there the league wouldn’t be pushing to win.

If the Lions handle their business, I don’t see Minny making the playoffs after losing to us twice in three weeks to end the season.

I also think they lose to Green Bay. I could easily see them going 1-4 to end the season.

Dont really care who we play at this point, just get in…how 'bout just winning the division and hosting a playoff game?! Odds are decent the Lions make the playoffs as it stands, but that shit aint guaranteed…and with this defense, it could get rreeall sketchy here down the finish.

I agree. As long as we don’t play the 49ers. They have Chase Young!

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Be cool to stomp Stafford’s team.

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