Who you got for #4

  • Ohio State
  • USC

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USC plays Utah, the only team to beat them and by only 1 point. If USC wins, they are in.

I actually think TCU has that highest chance to stumble in their conference championship game and OSU’s best chance to get in.

Between TCU, USC, OSU, I’d much rather play TCU in the 1st round of the playoffs.


Personally, I like Geo, UM, TCU, USC. Only for the fact that they are from different conferences and haven’t to yet face each other.

That’s a no-brainer if all of those teams win out. It gets interesting if there are losses.


I voted USC, but now i kind of regret it. I think it currently should be OSU.


Worst loss is against the #2 team
Best win is against the #8 team


Worst loss is against the #12 team
Best win is against the #17 team

They both beat Notre Dame.

Why should USC “currently” be ahead of OSU?

OSU argument to get in = Our only loss was to a great team

OSU matched up with UofM in playoffs = They got lucky and it won’t happen again

OSU after getting thumped by Michigan again = We just threw the game so Day will get fired

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formula’s aside, i think the best four teams in the country are georgia, alabama, michigan and ohio state. but its good to get other conferences involved - so tcu and usc get in.

I actually think, like prior years, this is the perfect case as to why four teams are not enough.

I think that, by the parameters set forth by the committee, if USC wins their conference they should get in over OSU. Same with TCU.

I also think that the game in Columbus was far closer than the score indicated. It was a nail biter until like halfway through the 4th. And OSU actually dominated the first half more than the score indicated. Props to Michigan for gutting it out, making some big plays to hang in there, and gaining the momentum.

If USC does lose, I think it should open the door for OSU as a one loss vs two loss USC or Alabama. I’m dubious whether Ohio State deserves to be in, but I think it would be disrespectful to the Big Ten if they are left out over a two loss Alabama or USC.


agree with this entire post

but where do you stop? this year, i think the top 7 would be GA, Bama, Ohio St, Michigan, TCU, USC, Tennessee. The eighth team, though would be really tough - you could make a case for Penn State, Texas, Clemson, LSU, even KState, FL State or Washington. Still some games left though.

But overall, I agree – eight teams sounds like the right number.


I think 8 teams is perfect. Especially when the conferences all expand/congeal.

Although I do think the desired championship matchup is UM Georgia from a national/money-making perspective. So I expect the final 4 rankings to reflect that. UM gets tcu and Georgia gets usc, then championship is a rematch of last year

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I’ve always been behind six, with a 1st rd bye for the top two.

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Looks like USC gets the number 4 apot.

But they did keep OSU at number 5, ahead of Alabama. Which means any slip up by USC or TCU should move OSU into that number 4 slot.

But what if both USC and TCU lose the CCG?

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I agree with eight. I think there should be eight championship conferences and each conference champion goes into the playoff. If you cannot win your conference, you are not a champion. If you do not compete in a championship conference, you will not be a champion. I would also want to see the non-championship bowl games remain as long as they can be fiscally viable.

The problem I have with letting conference champions in automatically is record. If Purdue shocks Michigan should 7-4 Purdue go to the playoffs while Ohio State and Michigan sit it out with one loss apiece? How about Alabama with two? That is problematic to me.