Who you pulling for in the Super bowl

Don’t care.

Probably Chiefs because Mahomes is fun to watch. But I don’t really care

Hope Chiefs win! Looking forward to all the new commercials. the old ones are getting stale.


Mahomes seriously turned into a whiny entitled little bitch this season. Crying about the Toney off sides, and whining about it to Allen during the post game handshake rather than congratulating him on the victory. And then carrying on about it for days even though there is clear video evidence that the call was correct. Good lord he has became insufferable this season.

Or how about his right tackle that was cheating the entire first game against the Lions and continued to cheat throughout the season. Why are the refs still allowing this? To protect Mahomes whiny ass?

Seriously, F’ the Chief and F’ the 49ers.

Not watching. Don’t want to watch the pukefest. Will be up in Alaska working and trying to keep warm in sub-zero temps anyway.

All you Taylor Swift fan-boys have fun with the spectacle. I’m sure you’re anxiously awaiting the reality show that’s sure to come. Travis and Taylor, you know it’s coming.

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Don’t wish any catastrophic event on anyone….

but wouldn’t be disappointed if game was cancelled foe a weird outbreak of some weird STD…. or some other bizarre happenstance.

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I used to be good with the chefs but the swift nonsense has soured me. I never liked the niners…
Is it better to have beaten the champs or to have lost to them?

Honestly I haven’t been more disinterested in a super bowl in years

I don’t care who wins. I’d look at potential 2024 free agents we may be interested in but that is about it.

I could not possibly be more indifferent to the outcome of this game

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I’m definitely not rooting for a commie


Haha thanks appreciate it man. No it’s Rob lol I’m not writing in the boards like I used to, but I’m always here reading .

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