Who's got a wall I can run through?



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@1CasanovaJack has a renovation project. You can save him on some demolition fees.


Yes, got the concrete counter tops off and reconfigured the kitchen. No cooktop on the island and it now has seating. Used the pantry to house the fridge, took out a couple 33"cab’s and used fillers to narrow it down for a range and microwave and removed the single oven cabinet that was on the left along with a desk area and fridge so the island has seating. New flooring and just about done with the paint, took some base out of the closet under the stairs so it will match what I have and cover where the cab’s were on the left.

Original kitchen…


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Looks good.
Going to do anything with the lighting?

Yes, but have bigger fish to fry right now. Flooring guys just finished upstairs today so we replaced everything except 2 of the 3 baths. Put this in front entry, hall, D/R and L/R.

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Nice, I see a lot of folks going dark with the flooring these days and I don’t always think it’s a great idea. Yours looks great!


So because some of it was wood and some carpet before I am trying to find a match for the base shoe, original stuff was taller back in the day. I think I can get the stain match close enough just trying to get the heights correct.

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