Who's the Lions MVP

This should get you thinking. If the Lions season ended today then who would get the team MVP?

Pretty tough question.

So who deserves it?


We give him the ball 10+ times and we win 100% of the time. Easy choice for me.

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That’s a really tough one.
I would go with someone from the secondary because that unit has been so good at creating coverage sacks and making the defense better than advertised occasionally… but nobody really stands out in that department.
I thought Golladay had a real shot at first but he’s kind of disappeared.

I’d say if Kerryon has a few more solid performances you could definitely consider him.


Kerryon, who else could it be?


As of right now Mason Crosby has to be in the conversation. :joy:


Oh, you had to go there.

We have a running game and balanced offense because of this kid. Agree.

DA’Shawn Hand? Per PFF, hes rated in top 5 interior .

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I agree, many times this year the opposing QB goes back and has a TON of time looking to throw and simply has nobody open and gets sacked about 20 minutes after the play started. I don’t remember seeing that against the Lions before.

It’s kinda cool and kinda sad at the same but, but the only 2 that came to mind for me were Hand and KJ.

I don’t know if everyone realizes just how bad this defense would have looked if Hand didn’t emerge as a real football player, allowing RJF to play a reduced # of snaps. With Snacks & Hand manning the interior, we actually have a chance at playing competent NFL football.

Is picking an offensive MVP and a defensive MVP a cop out? Not sure which one I’d choose as team MVP.


I don’t think that’s a cop out at all. That’s how most MVP polls are conducted?
What the? That’s not what I quoted? “Snacks” isn’t even anywhere in the quote?

That’s funny that that was the only word quoted. Did you Reply and then Quote or did you highlight and quote?

Highlighted, just like this time. I’ve been doing it.

Kerryon is a frontrunner for sure but if Golliday would actually get more than one or two opportunities a game like the last two, imho he would be in the lead by a country mile.

I will cast a vote for MVGM to Bob Quinn. He has pulled some serious magic out of his hat lately.

They traded him


OMG this. So much, this.


I think they should skip the team MVP this year.

Different game with Golden

Chris Spielman

I’ll 2nd that.