Why are the OTT posts in here? (Learn how to fix inside!)

Is anyone else seeing OTT posts in here to?

I’m not complaining just kinda wondering? Maybe my phone is messed up?!

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Yeah, seeing all three forums here. Sorry, two for you lessor souls that can’t read the Lounge… its exquisite…


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I think it’s the landing screen that’s all-inclusive. If you select the Lions board you’ll see only Lions talk.

Probably just need to change a preference at this point.

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They’ve always been that way, from my memory. That could be because I’m a mod though, I’m not sure. :man_shrugging:

That said, @Nate and the mods are doing what we can to see of there’s an individual setting we/everyone can toggle somewhere to “fix” this.

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A non-issue that is just an added distraction from the void we call the pre-draft story telling.

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Something has changed for sure. I’ll keep poking around myself.

I think what has happened is that our “muted” categories were cleared. Just needed to add them back:

To get there:
Click on your icon in the top right corner
Select your name in the top left of that window
Choose Preferences
Then select “Categories” under the “Notifications” section.
The last option there is “Muted”. Select the Categories you’d like to mute.


That’s exactly what it is. Some had requested that the OTT forum link be more easily accessible. You can still mute categories based on your preference in your settings.


Cool, the fix worked,


Edited the title so people know the solution is inside.

Thanks to everyone for helping out!

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Well shit.

It fixed all the OTT threads except for the China…What’s for dinner / Corona virus thread.

I guess there’s no cure for that sum bitch

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You’re “tracking” them because you read them. Enter those threads and go to the very bottom. You’ll see the “tracking” icon. Hit it and choose “Mute” instead.

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Roger that LB

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I haven’t changed a thing and they just starting showing up on my screen yesterday. It’s VERY irritating to see all that real estate wasted for crappy off-topics. Not Fixed! I’m going to quit the forum if those Off-topics continue to show. Some admin purposely changed a setting to include them. There’s no way I’m going to mute category after category after category. F it.

I’m out of here. May check back in come draft to see if it is fixed.

Bro, it’s ez-pz. There are only 3 categories. The fix is just a matter of setting your own preferences.

Thanks for the instructions, Linebusy. I added to it to make it a little more clear and defined. Hopefully you don’t mind.

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Not at all. Whatever is helpful to the community.


Thanks Linebusy I appreciate it!


Now tell me how to stop getting emails… lol

I had to add the den to my spam filter. Every time someone posted I got an email. I tried everything I could in the settings menu. Nothing worked.

Someone else was complaining about the emails, and the funny thing is ny settings are set to where I should get them and I don’t LOL.

I’m completing my Nigerian Barrister internet course, so the final exam is emailing everyone you know about this money in a bank account you can help me with…sorry about that…