Why CB Xavien Howard Solves Detroit Lions Problems

Had a 55.1 PFF grade in 2023 (even worse grade in coverage)
31 years old in July
Never a speedster with a 4.58 40
Is Howard really a Dan Campbell type of player (which ultimately what really matters)?

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He’s washed

Yep. Lions teams of the past would have signed him. Back when names mattered more than actual production. Thank goodness we have a gm that doesn’t go for those players.


Doesn’t he have some history off field history as well.

Dudes trash. Not even in the top 20 for best available DBs.

No he doesn’t unless he plays league minimum as spare backup CB CB is not a problem. Again media types who don’t follow Lions just make up a header.

Howard was charged with domestic battery 2019
No way Holmes or DC will go after him.

He fell off a cliff, he’s done… He had one GREAT year, then has been average to slightly above average the rest of his career… PASS

Wow… SI is a joke isnt it?

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