Why Detroit Lions should be thrilled that Amon-Ra St. Brown didn't make Pro Bowl

Bad take, IMHO.

The author thinks St.Brown will take it up a notch. Sort of implying he CAN take it up a notch. I don’t think so. This guy already plays every play as though it his last. The snub sucks, but I think if ARSB tries to take it up a notch, he’s playing for himself and not the team.


If anyone can find another level of play, it is Amon Ra.


Detroit loves Amon Ra… especially when he’s pissed.:laughing:

Because he’s gonna go…

nuclear explosion GIF

St Brown

I don’t know brother. I kinda like St. Brown being pissed off. He seems to embrace that underdog mentality.

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Listen to St Brown on his podcast this week. He actually said he needs to take his game up a notch with this pro bowl snub.


yeah - that’s where they got it from. i dunno, to say that you have to take it up a notch is basically saying that you’re presently not giving 100%. With Ra, I think he’s just about at his ceiling. I just don’t want him to be doing dumb things on account of not making the pro-bowl. I guess Dan said it best - controlled fury. If you’ve played sports, you know that finding that balance gets tenuous.


As if you can’t give 110 percent… just ask Buggs :joy:

I think it’s just being more dialed in. There is not a single player in the NFL doing every single thing he can do to be the best football player possible. Whether that is through watching tape, training, eating right, sleeping properly, no drugs/alcohol, etc. There are always things you can do to improve.

Probably, although I think Ra is one of the guys who doesn’t leave a whole lot on the table. First in, last out, Jugs on top of practice etc. etc.
I can feel how frustrated he is, because his game is not as flashy as some of the guys who made it. There’s always a danger in trying to add that flash play when its not there…and it ends up bad. Hope it does not happen, that’s all.

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