Why do we play 3 times on Thursday?

  1. KC
  2. GB
  3. GB
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Bc they are primetime games…


Initially I thought every team plays once on Thu and notice we will be playing on Thu 3 times

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Yeah, its suppose to be a reward. opening night is great, t-day is tradition, i would personally prefer next week be a SNF or a MNF rather then thursday…that 3rd one seems too much lol…pick another prime time slot.


Opening night and Thanksgiving don’t factor into that equation. I understand opening night - they’re not playing on short rest - but never really understood Thanksgiving.

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They couldn’t take the Thanksgiving game from Dallas and us so I believe that’s when they wanted every team to play on Thu. I could be wrong but I believe the Lions threaten to stop Ford advertising for the league.

The Cowboys played in 3 Thursday games in 2021. It means the league wants to showcase us because we are now America’s Team.

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Playing on Thurs will get Jamo in the building sooner.


The 1st game on a Thursday was a GREAT advantage…
until Aaron Glenn acted like he didn’t have 3 extra days to game plan for the Sea Chicks.


Because the Lions are going undefeated on Thursday!

We might suck on sundays, but Thursday, let’s ■■■■■■■ go! :wink:

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My math may be wonky, but I think the two early Thursday games have a silver lining. By the time DET plays CAR, they’ll have had 7 days of extra R&R over their next 4 opponents . Two 3 day mini-byes and each opponent will have played MNF or a London game,but no TNF, losing a day & gaining no mini-bye. London game is probably a worse loss of R&R than MNF , but it’s east coast BALT which makes it more manageable, imo.

The thinnest of silver linings, I’ll grant you, but helpful considering the injury sitch, no ?

I got nothing for the overall why or the T-Day thing specifically. Just greed is usually a good guess with the NFL. That’s why it started, right ?

It’ll also piss you off to note, if you haven’t already, that GB essentially plays one game in 3 weeks because they go minibye after DET next Thurs , away at Vegas, full bye. They even get an extra day on the mini-bye because the LVR game is MNF. So don’t start poking those voodoo dolls much before Halloween for worst effect on their season.

The Packers typically get a favorable schedule. But I view the Raiders game as the opposite. Playing the Raiders on Monday gives the Raiders an extra day of healing and preparation, and it cuts into the Packers advantage. There is only so much healing and preparation that can happen. So in my mind the 1.5 extra days prior to the game being played benefits the Raiders more than the Packers.

Their bye week being so early in the season is a disadvantage. But having a bye after a Monday Night game means they are not going into a short week against a Sunday opponent. So its a mixed bag. Its interesting that both the Lions and the Packers play the Raiders on Monday Night before our bye weeks.

Because were talented and a media darling. That’s why. The better we are the more prime time games we get, its pretty simple.

Wait a minute, thought we bitched about not getting these games. I’m so confused…

I’d still take the GB 11 over the LVR 8 but it’s pretty marginal stuff all around. The scheduling injustice that really irks me is the home designation for the London games. Why they can’t avoid divisional match-ups altogether & make it an away game for both teams is stoopid.
How’d you feel if you were a TEN fan & all the other AFC teams get 9 home games this year except yours ? I hope it makes Jeff Fisher cry.

all things equal, playing on thursday is an advantage.
both teams have short weeks on thursday: no advantage, no disadvantage.
you have a mini-bye the week after. the team you play probably does not: advantage

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You missed what I was saying. Green Bay 10 vs LVR 7 is more valuable than GB 11 vs LVR 8. They cut into Green Bay’s advantage by making it a Monday Night game vs a Sunday game. I am a card carrying Packers hater and I liked seeing it as a Monday game vs a Sunday game.

In 2022 the Green Bay Packers played their FIRST EVER game in London. Its inconvenient and they didn’t want to go…so the league simply didn’t schedule them there. They were the only team that hadn’t played an overseas game. How ridiculous is that?

Here is another one. Lions fans have complained for decades that we are tired of having to play in Green Bay at the end of the season. They should have to come to Ford Field for a change. In 2016 the league finally had Green Bay come to Detroit to end the season. But they made sure to put their thumb on the scale. They had the Packers play on Saturday at home the week before, and the Lions had to travel to Dallas for a Monday Night game the week before.

I didn’t miss it; I just see it as either a push or slightly less disadvantageous for LVR &
still maddeningly unfair to even a relatively neutral assessor. You’re really squinting for the dimmest of bright sides there.

I also think the early-ness of the bye is entirely offset by the TNF mini-bye lead-in.That’s a niiiice stretch even if relatively early.

LAR gets that same away game finale BS with SEA. Unless the Rams win a few in a row then they change it up for a season…probably more about tv numbers than bias, though.

Irrc, Jax has been Blightyed 9 times & will get blimeyed twice (!) this year. Double or more than most teams,in other words. No surprise Khan is upgrading to a new gigayacht.

Not buyin’ that it’s all geography or even competitive bias. More likely just boring old greed, bad luck, or corporate indifference to the pain they cause for profit they wouldn’t miss. Eg, no doubt LVR(5) and STL/LAR (4) had to take the beating (the actual football team & fans, that is, not the corporate entity) for some other teams as part of their relocation deal.

There are 11 teams that have only played in London once…Are they all Daddy Goodell’s favorites ?

Which leads to the unsatisfying conclusion that a lot of it depends on perspective, just like the penalty bias thing. EVERY team has a litany of concrete examples that prove the injustice of it all. Sports Rashomon that really proves nothing but the relativity of truth.

Still, fudge The Packers AND screw The Seahags…women get to be illogically emotional all the time. Can’t we have this ONE thing ( licks toad sadly)…

The problem isn’t having a mini-bye. Those are great. The problem is two games in five days. The pack have the same thing to deal with, but there’s a reason NFL players hate playing on Thursdays.

In this case, look at all the players out for Sunday from a team standpoint. I’m not in the meeting room obviously but if I had to chose from a player availability standpoint, I’m sitting guys that are injured and even “close” to playing because it gives them a better chance to play Thursday.

That tips the scale in Atlanta’s favor. Atlanta can play their “close” guys because they have the full week before their next game.

Six in one hand, half dozen in the other.

It would seem that way.

I wonder if there are any stats on teams following the Thursday game