Why? Does the league hate us?

why oh why does the league office f’ing hate our Lions?

Today, I’m not talking about the picked up flag in the Dallas game, I’m talking about letting Green Bay play their last two games of the season at home!

They effing love the Packers.
Want to showcase Rodgers potentially last game.
And they expect a walkover for the Packers.

This has been going on for a long time. Did old man Ford do something to piss off the league? Did WCF get stupid with kramer’s girlfriend?

Or did he take a run at Gooddall?

Must have been something.


Blame Vince Lombardi. He’s the one that made the packers the golden franchise for the nfl.


If it involves the Pack or the Cowboys, the league will ALWAYS give them a push.

This is where a strong owner is needed at the owners meeting.

The stronger owners will argue for a more favorable end to the season and argue for things to be fair.


Kraft, Jones, maybe Blank run the league. I expect the Walton’s run things too. And maybe Paul Allen’s heirs will.

Rodgers is set to make 50M dollars next year. Next week will not be his last game for the Packers.

Packers suck. Lions are better.

More worried that Seattle wins their last two.


Not worried about the Packers at all. I just want a win and in scenario in week 18 and. It have to rely on the Rams beating the Seahawks. If we lose then oh well, but it would suck to win next week but not get in because the Seahawks won out too.

Looks like this will be the case, we will need to beat the Pack and then scoreboard watch the Rams/Hawks game
Unless they flex us late game, but I doubt it

I mean in all honesty what have the lions ever done to earn any amount of special calls or respect around the league.

Outside of two or three seasons since the 90’s we’ve been a complete joke.

I get that there’s favortism to some extent but we definitely haven’t earned any of it over the last 70 years.

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The league didn’t make us start 1-6.

Why does this keep needing to be said? It’s getting weird.

We dug this hole.

And we got our asses kicked at Carolina last week when it mattered most.

League had nothing to do with any of that. Start demanding better instead of blaming the league.


We’ve been god awful for so long that when even a bit of mediocrity presents itself people cling to it like a baby to the tit. In our case it usually ends up being this kinda tit
chris farley GIF


Who wouldn’t have wanted this at the beginning of the year. Fighting for their playoff lives for 9 straight weeks and going down to week 18.


Sure, it sucks they gave away a couple of games. Don’t count Carolina. But here they are and here we are. What could be better?


I think it was all guaranteed and they’d have 99 million in dead cap.

He’s not walking away from 50M and the Packers can’t cut or trade him. Not that they would anyway.

It would suck in the sense that we didn’t make the playoffs. But the Rams game will certainly be played after our game with the Cheez Wiz. So a win would be telling about the astounding progress this team has made. I mean, it’s astounding already, but 8-2 after how we started. Either way, this is a very successful 2nd season for Holmbell and Friends.

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Yeah it’s nice we’re playing a meaningful game to end the season.

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I actually think the Minnesota and Seattle games early in the season hurt us the most.

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