Why Facing Lions Would Make for a Poor Bears Season Opener


On paper it’s the Bears,
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Apparently Caleb is already a top 5 NFL QB.

Only spot the bears are better is WR, and if Jamo takes the leap we expect I am not so sure we won’t be better there by mid season as well. Especially when Keenan Allen will be in the shelf by then.


NFC rivals’ wide receiver’s stats won’t be bolstered by playing our defense twice per season this year as in the past.
Lions will shut down all this speculation with another NFCN crown.

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Nobody wants to play the Lions in the first game.


I’d love to play CHI first in CHI


I want that SNF game in Detroit Sept 8th

I want us to absolutely smash them and Caleb. Give him a proper welcome to the NFL. I want that stadium to give him nightmares, I want Hutch to start the season with 3-4 sacks and Reader to have a couple. When that game is over I want CW to have the look of a man who questions his whole life plan and ever decision he has made since birth.

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I can’t see Anthony Anderson without thinking of him in Harold and Kumar.

Cute that Bears fans/writers think they are good enough/interesting enough to be matched up with a Superbowl contender week 1. :rofl:


I think the vikes are our biggest challenge this year ….

I think the Vikes have a lot of talent and JJ is landing into a great spot. However, I am expecting JJ to be more developmental and the Vikes to have some struggles as a result. If they can establish a quality run game they could make some noise but its hard to go far with a rookie QB. As a result I have GB slotted clearly above CHI and MIN.


I feel like the Bears fan/writers need a Benny Hill head pat

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I know Caleb Williams is a very highly regarded prospect, and he has some serious weapons out wide. Not sure how Bears fans can ignore the fact that the Bears have NEVER had an elite QB in their history. I know everybody is their own individual, but fans are acting like he’s already one of the best in the league.

The year is 2024. We have 17 regular season games. Whenever the 18th game is added, we could be looking at the first 6,000 yard passing season.

The Bears have NEVER had a QB pass for over 4,000 yards in a season. That could be one of the saddest stats in NFL history. If I were a Bears fan I’d definitely be excited but certainly not cocky. Their franchise has literally been around for over 100 years……

The Bears would be better off playing the Lions early before Swift gets injured.

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@Longinthetooth throwing out some truth right here…dude is on a 3 year ride and this is year 1. You can count on him not playing unless he is “right”…

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