Why fear KC?

Why so many Lions fans saying “man I don’t know.” “no…….we won’t win.” ??

their toughest opponent is the Patriots this season, so their beating up on teams that aren’t doing anything. like The Raiders , and we are concerned? we beat The Pats and Green Bay in the unbeatable Lambeau Field. We haven’t won convincingly as in burying opponents by score, we beat them with heart and no quit motor.

We wanted it more and fought for it and came out on top. I think as a team we are changing the corner from what we were. IF we lose we get the next team set in front of us and keep fighting to win…because that is the only way. IF we win, it only goes to show that we are changing for the better.

you play with fear of your opponent, you don’t win many games. Brady is the ONLY QB I have any true anxiety over.

We beat New England last year. They went on to win the Super Bowl.

Long controlled drives that end in TD’s. Keep KC off the field. Get them playing from behind. Force Mahommes into trying to come from behind instead of playaction with a lead.

I actually am more excited,… maybe intrigued is a better word… for this game. No one gives us a shot. This is exactly the kind of game we can win and maybe a statement. For sure would be the biggest win for Patricia and maybe even Stafford.
And if we lose, oh well, we were supposed to right??


I am with you MT. While I like what I have seen so far from the Lions, I still cannot get rid of the doubt. The Lions can win these game and there is no reason that I should not believe they will.

If this team can somehow beat KC, and you can bet they won’t be going into the game planning on a losing, then knock off GB in their next game, confidence for the team should go through the roof. NFCN and the NFL will be officially put on notice.


It’s their QB. We have been great in the secondary. I think if Slay were 100% there would be a smidge more optimism. Ultimately though we are playing the modern equivalent of Marino’s ‘84 dolphins. The passing game is at that level.

Why Fear KC?
Because they have the best QB to hit the NFL in…well, honestly, maybe ever. I know he’s only been playing for a little over a year, but what a start to a career. He’s probably the most accurate deep thrower I have ever seen. He’s averaging 400 yards a game and over 3 TDs a game.
They have the best TE in the league
They have a solid Oline
A solid run game
A defense that tightens up in the red zone

And just because the Lions beat NE last year and a throw away game at GB last year, doesn’t mean anything going into this game.
If the Lions want to get any respect from the national media, they have to earn it and win this game. They are going to need to bring their A+ game.
They will need to get the run game going right away, control the clock, and win the turnover battle (yeah, that seems to work in every game). The special teams needs to make some kind of impact. A big return would help. If the Chiefs get up early, the game is probably out of reach. If the Lions get up early, the Chiefs have such an explosive offense, they have the ability to come back.

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You can control the clock but unless you finish drives with points, mostly TDs, you’ll still lose. You can go 10 plays 70yds 8min drive and they can go 80 in 2 plays. Gotta score

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Slay likely not playing doesn’t help.

Thanks Doc
Fear, no
But it would be foolish not to respect what they’ve put together there
They remind me of the Rams of, what, 20 years ago?
Is it that long ago already?
That Rams team racked up points at will, but had a mediocre defense
Almost a carbon copy team
The only way to beat these teams is to control TOP and score early and often
The point of controlling TOP is to win the 4th quarter against a tired defense
I think if we see the Lions run well early AND convert long drives into TDs they’ve got a legit shot
Early 3 and outs … could get ugly

Great input guys! Now I feel like I did a line of coke and chased it with a downer. Is being pensively optimistic a thing?

They need to come up with a word or term for what every Lions fan feels pre-game. That feeling of anxiety like when you didn’t do the paper you knew you needed to write for class and waited till the last possible second to do it before you turned it in.
That feeling that you know it’s happening, it’s out of your hands, and there’s nothing you can do about it. This, coupled with the slim hope of just making the grade without having your name called out in front of the class with a big fat D or F on the paper… Yeah, that feeling.

This could be real syndrome guys, like PGSD (PreGame Stress Disorder). They could make drugs to help us, little honolulu blue pills shaped like footballs and commercials and money, oh sooo much money to be made on… er… nevermind.

The Lions have a shot to win, but they can’t afford to make many mistakes. They must finish drives with TDs. FGs, especially when they are deep in Chiefs territory, are not going to get it done. Someone else mentioned they need to keep the Chiefs defense on the field so the defense is tired in the 4th quarter. They cannot turn the ball over, and they must have at least one big play by special teams (ie. either a blocked punt or a big return). The Lions will not win a shootout.

And please, please cover Travis Kelce!
And if they get crushed, expect to hear the SOL stuff.