Why I think we could cut 51 Players

I will be making my 53 an 51 roster . With so many cuts happening in same day I want room to add an I expect more than few will do same.


I’m expecting that too. Holmes going to make a few moves on the waiver wire and or trades


We will likely cut a veteran only to bring him back after we move some roster spots around.

I’m expecting us to grab a body or two off the waiver wire too.

I won’t leave out a trade possibility either.


I hope you are right. I agree that we could do better with the last two spots with looking outside our roster.

Aaron Donald wouldn’t hurt.


One could be a vet who can go where he pleases wire means nothing to him.
Just allows teams to cut an bring back after they see who else is cut an drop another . Example they could keep 2 WRs an cut Jones then pick up a CB an cut a WR an resign Jones

Thank you guys. So we can officially kill the

It’s ok to piss away draft picks argument
“because they all wouldn’t make the team anyways we don’t have enough spots for all of them rookies”

Factor in we got 2 UDFA CBs and 1 UDFA S that could/should make it.

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More likely two CBs an a WR UDFA

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And we’re talking about dumping a talent like JOk, but, in favor of keeping who?
I’m of the mind that you keep the most talented 53.


Depends what is offered for him

Ndamukong Suh Celebration GIF by Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Nota Bene, I’m well aware that this is not a position of need, per se, but I will continue to irrationally beat this drum forever. He can be our Roy Kent


Exactly. The 2020 CBA allows for two PS elevations per week. It’s not like you have to keep crappy players on the roster any more, to cover injuries.

2021 we didn’t even have a kicker make the initial 53 man.


Suh won’t sign until midseason.


Gotta snipe a OL Depth

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Recipe to sign Suh, be undefeated at mid season. All he does is play in super bowls, so you know he’s going to pick a top team.


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