Why I think we missed an opportunity

The move that really has me shaking my head is Chase Young to the niners. It sounds as if Brad was not interested at all. Here’s why I think that he should have been:

  • Young is affordable this year
  • A third rounder better than the Niners third round comp pick would have gotten it done.
  • We need another pass rusher besides Hutch this year, it doesn’t preclude us getting a younger, cheaper option in next year’s draft. Think about Young and Hutch for the rest of this year (rather than Young and Bosa on our rival).
  • We could have gotten a third or fourth rounder back if we didn’t sign Young next year as a comp pick - he’ll get a big contract somewhere.
  • We can’t count on Houston to have the bend when he comes back from a fractured ankle.

I think Brad is the best GM we’ve had in ages. I hear you when saying we may not be there yet, and trust the process, etc etc. But our window is open now, maybe not fully but its open. A move like this is NOT a costly one. Its a rental that’s designed to get the one seed while its possible and go as far as possible. Not to say we would have beaten the Ravens with Young, or that its a slam dunk. But it does improve us for the nine (or hopefully 12) games we have left.

We missed on this one.


There is a rumor floating around that he went rogue a few times to make a “me” play, and it cited “multiple Commander coaches” as a source. That shit would absolutely not fly w/ the Lions. So it could be that they looked into it and thought the culture wasn’t worth disrupting.


Another point on not adding a DE this season is if Hutch goes down, we are eff’d at that position. Adding a Young or Sweat at least gives the team some further injury insurance at the position.


I heard that too.
But that has to be the next step in DC’s development. Pete Carrol does it – you take personality risks in a measured way. Try to get them to adapt. We can’t always get the sure-fire characters. Big talent many times have big personalities. We need to work with that fact.
If it was even true.

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The Lions had quite a bit of that, i.e. guys not doing their assignments, against the Ravens and look where that led. Honestly, I don’t think Young would help that much.

I’m more disappointed the Lions didn’t pick up another outside CB. They are really thin and Will Harris should never see the field on defense again.


Disagree. Culture and bonding among the players are one of the most important factors in the success of this team. Being a Detroit Lion is about being selfless, gritty, team-oriented and hardworking, if any of that is lacking it’s disruptive and harmful to the whole team because they’re either making exceptions for one player or that one player is disgruntled by not being indulged. Campbell was explicit about any acquisitions being culture fits and that’s why.

Carroll has a different culture and a different vibe around his team. It works for him, but he has a completely different character to Campbell and it’s crazy to suggest that Campbell or Holmes should change their way of doing things to accommodate one player, because then all of a sudden it’s not one but two, and then three, four and five players, and the culture and the buy-in of the rest of the roster is gone.


A 3rd is tough to give up …but our roster is starting to get a little deeper. It’s not the end of the world.

The side benefit was absolutely keeping Young off the Niners roster … might be a big deal in January. Almost worth a 3rd.

Too soon to be really annoyed. Will have to wait and see.


It only sounds like that because he wasn’t. At all!
They’ve been telling us for 3 years. Nobody believes in the Gospel of Brad.
Well, I do, but, I’m stupid.


I am not Anti BH or DC , but when you get chances and opportunities to “go for the throat of our remaining opponents” you do that-period , your not disrupting a damn thing by getting players that can do that for you. DPJ feels like a ‘band-aid’—We needed another WR sure yet he doesn’t move the needle much.


One would assume better coaching would help a player not want to go rogue


Brad, and Dan both made it a point prior to the deadline to say they wouldn’t bring anybody in that didn’t fit their culture. They made it a HUGE point.

I really wonder if they had Young in mind when they were saying that.


I understand the belief that you can take a guy like Chase Young and convince him to do things your way when he has been a problem somewhere else. The NFL’s history is littered with guys who got turned around and had very productive careers, but more often than not they do not get turned around. It is a gamble, and I expect the Lions brass concluded they have lightning in the bottle right now and not worth the risk. They might take the risk in other years, but not this one. Momentum is a very real thing in the NFL and right now the Lions have it.

If anything, I think the real missed opportunity was allowing Leonard Williams to go to Seattle. LW is a very very good D-lineman that has successfully played both the DT and DE position, a flexibility that the Lions claim they value highly. He would have stiffened the run defense and brought real pressure on QBs on passing downs. He would have made the Lions D-line downright scary, and I now believe he makes the Seahawks the likely winner of the NFC West.

@wolfcub36, you need to do a bit more research on St.-Jones. He’s going to surprise a lot of people.

Yeah, maybe. I have mixed feelings. Chase Young is talented but also hurt ALOT.

So we trade for him and it should surprise no one if he were to get hurt the next week. And all that for a 3rd rounder who may not stay and even if he is able to stay healthy all year what are the odds that he’ll stay healthy through most of that (big) contract?

I think its a big gamble. SF could afford to do it because, if I’m not mistaken they had like three third-round picks.

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What would you be willing to bet?
The kid is going to be a Star by the end of the season.


I agree so much with this. Just need to give him a little time to get on the same page.

It’s nice that we have a bye week to help out with that.


Also something worth noting.

Julians pass rush has been pretty damn good last 2 games.

With a 15% win rate.

And houston will be back.

Im not saying having another DE would have not been better. BUTT.

I can see the upside of the current roster


Sometimes the best moves are the ones you don’t make.

We’ll have to wait and see how the various trades play out down the stretch and into free agency next year.

It’s not how it smells day one that counts.


Washington had young,
Sweat, Allen, and payne along with fuller at cb and a good 1st rd lb . And teams are still putting 30 points a game on them . There is a monster difference between stats stuffers and great
Defensive players. Imho


Do you honestly think one player could be that “disruptive and harmful to the whole team”? Or that DC would make exceptions for ANYONE? If he’s disgruntled (sure, there’s a small chance of that happening), DC would bench his ass, just like he’s done with Buggs. But its more probable that the new guy wants to fit in. Dan has said it before - pretty soon the players start policing the other players. Just like Laimbeer and Mahorn laid down the law to Aguirre.
I have more faith in DC that he wouldn’t let one player ruin the culture, which I do agree is the most valuable thing he has brought to the Lions.

I didn’t suggest that. I think DC is talented enough to manage it. Plus a player is on their best behavior when going to a new place. He needs to fit in. We have the leverage, not the new player.

Nope. You don’t let that happen. You take calculated measured risks, you don’t ditch your whole mantra.

You get it back as a comp pick if you choose to move on. Which I would probably do.


I can see this, too. Either/or would have worked for me, and if it happened, we’d be villainizing Bradley and his bald head.

I’d rather look at it as a 12 game rental for a third rounder that you get back as a comp pick when someone else signs him to a big contract next year. If we win the Super Bowl and pick 32nd, we’d literally be losing ONE SPOT in the draft if we got a supplemental third rounder back.