Why Lions GM Brad Holmes is getting high praise from NFL draft experts

Fantastic read on Brad. Check out ARSB’s great quote too.


Good read, thanks for sharing.
While reading I kept thinking of the one poster here who has been vocal about BH not doing well.

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Pretty awesome when Holmes is being compared to the GM’s in KC and Philly!

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The wins have to come next. Otherwise none of this means much.


I think it started when we finished the season winning 8 of 10 games. The objective now is to stay with it and not faulter at the beginning of the season again.


A good read, Thanks @Nate
Everything I read is obvious to those of us that follow the team on a daily basis.
The thing we need to be conscious of is what future drafts will start to look like. When we are picking at the end of the rounds as well picks being able to crack the roster of this continual playoff team.
The future looks bright, with a playoff filled roster we continue to add depth, but at some point picks from round 4 and later will just get snagged from our practice squad. At this point you start trading picks for future capitol, this snowball effect has never happened with the Lions in my lifetime, but we did witness this with the Belichick/Brady led Pats for over a decade.
Looking forward to my NDL! (New Detroit Lions)


Ozzie Newsome part II

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Hard to believe how relevant we have become going into Holmes 3rd season. Being a life long fan it’s hard not worry about this team falling flat on it’s face but I can honestly say I think there is a really solid foundation built for sustained success. Jamo was the wild card for me and a huge disappointment we have to wait another 6 games to see his impact. Hoping he rejoins the team and we are already kicking the leagues ass.

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As much as they gutted the roster left by the last clowns, Brad has this franchise relevant, even after the gambling/suspension scandal. Dan needs to keep them winning. Good read for sure. Can;t wait to see who he gets this draft.
Oh, looks like Brad made a good decision letting Chark walk too, he had another ankle surgery.


Wow great find, and very good read!!


MUCH more attractive man than any of them!
Ridiculous comparison.

We’ll have our playoff spot wrapped up shortly after Thanksgiving, bro…by early/mid December, we’re either playing for positioning in the tournament.

EXCELLENT post. Trading up for quality over quantity as well as trading for future picks (same principle). Most late round picks will have no chance at making our roster.
Also → as our rookie contracts come up, we won’t hav the money to keep 'em all. Lots of guys will get traded as well.

We will start losing some of our favorite guys eventually.

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