Why not?¡¿!?

Why not this year. We all lived the heartbreaks and aches. Why cant this be the crazy year. Its not a normal year just like the lions aint a normal team. It would be funny

It can be. However, if the Lions are a great team that has the capacity to win it all and shows it, I would expect the season to be cancelled due to covid.

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I have always said that if the Lions make the Superbowl, I will be in attendance. This year there could be a possibility that there would be no fans at a Superbowl, that would be the most Lionsesque thing to happen.


We would have to break in and watch from under cover!!

Think BigWillie could get us all jobs that require us to be at the game?

Personally, I’d be content to watch them on my big screen. That way I can run around my rec room nude when they won!


There is nothing lionesque about the Lions going to a Super Bowl. Our troubles aren’t that high level.

Well, it is 2020…so the Lions will be winning the SB, up by 20 pts with 2 mins left, everyone starts to celebrate, but then an asteroid filled with killer landsharks hits the stadium prematurely ending the game, sounds about right…oh sh*t, and that’s my first comment on these boards, I’m a glass half full kinda guy.

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Lionesque would be that we have a lead in the division and a first round bye almost locked up when Covid hits the team and were forced to sign about 52 players off the street. Then losing out. Only Don Muhlbach doesn’t get Covid. Only because he was off practicing in the corner by himself that day.

Welcome Karl.

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Welcome Karl!

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Why not? Because the defensive line still isn’t good.

Because the LB corps is subpar.

Because our third overall pick isn’t ready to play.

Because we keep spending the ultra-high draft choices that are supposed to be our core for years on weird positions.

Because we use injuries as an excuse more than any team I’ve ever seen.

Because our running game never comes together, despite all the investment in it and the O-line.

Because Matthew Stafford is a stat accumulator with reverse intangibles - doing just enough to NOT win. The Chiefs game last year being the quintessential example.

Hey, you asked.

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Yes welcome

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This sounds about the perfect argument for why not.

Because we have a bad defense and a bad coach.

bad coach have new defensive help on sideline though…could defense be two steps better or more noticeaby yep…

Yeah but honestly who thought the Pistons gonna beat the lakers, shit happens DETROIT LIONS brothers who knows