Why Tagging Helps Lions

Teams placing tags need to cut players to make cap space. This is increasing the pool of UFAs. That increases the number of still quality players an reduces the cost of some. Teams will chase the big stars the ones with big cap space. Lions need some players but with the age of are studs we can add what I think will be cheaper vets who are looking for a ring an playoffs an not part of rebuilds. They want to play an don’t care if they are not the stars . They will with Lion staff give a honest effort. I like when they tag an might be paying huge numbers an there is no spreading out the cap number on a tag.


Locking up a starting CB whether it is Darious Williams or Kendall Fuller would make me feel at ease.

I would like to see us make a big splash at edge. We have the window now this year /next before all our young studs need to get reupped and their cap hits will jump by that 2nd year


For the next 15 years

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I was speaking contract wise right now before all the youngns start getting paid.

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If you add in expected lifespan and medical advances, I would expect we can comfortably keep Dan and Brad for another 90 years.