Why the Detroit Lions haven’t signed their top 2 draft picks... yet

Just to point out, because Erik does this all the time. “Guarantees” has to do with actual cash, signing bonus proration of that guaranteed money has to do with the salary cap. Players signing bonus proration isn’t guaranteed (it’s already been paid), it’s just how it’s recognized for salary cap purposes.


For the first rounders. The contract is fully guaranteed. Its just when all that money gets paid out

For the 2nd rounders it’s MOSTLY guaranteed but again when its paid

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Always gotta let the top guys establish the market.

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For Ennis as a second round pick.
4 year $6.485m contract.
$3.420m guaranteed.

For 2nd round contracts it’s signing bonus and first 2 years of contract guaranteed.

So that $3.420M will be paid
1 Signing
2 2024 year
3 2025 Year

Its how much will be spread out over those 3 periods. Most guys obviously want as much as possible day 1.

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This is what Rakestraw’s contract should look like:

E Rakeshaw

The green will be guaranteed. The yellow will probably have a small amount guaranteed or some of 2025-2027 base salary will be workout bonus or roster bonus (usually due at the start of training camp).

Arnold’s cointract will look like this.

T Arnold

The green is all guaranteed (entire contract). What they are negotiating is whether any of his salary will be paid early in a workout or roster bonus.

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He’s misled a few folks that has eventually led to some spicy conversation around here because of it.

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There is no market to establish since the rookie pay scale was implemented…

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