"Why the Lions Day 2 draft haul looks much better after seeing complete class"

Thought I’d share this take. It’s thought provoking, and this guy is one of my two favorite analysts/writers on the Lions. Hope you like it, and maybe someone here that can understand his insights can flesh it out to me. I understand it, but not as deeply as it deserves.

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So, it’s an article of this guy walking back his previous trying too hard smartest guy in the room nuking of the Lions draft?

Did he get a revelation, an enema, or a call from Quinn’s hitman?

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He is walking back. But his new tack is based on the way things unfolded. Convincing him, I presume, that his thoughts about the way that the offense - and the O-line in particular - were going to function were amiss. The interesting thing about this article is that it seems to be sensing a change in the air. That the offense, as aided by a new O-line coach, might have different thoughts about how that line functions. As I read it. Which is intriguing to say the least, for me anyway…

Yeah, in reading his write-ups he seems pretty full of himself and his valuations. He’s pretty far off on some elements of Cephus’ game as well. I don’t see how anyone that watched much Wisconsin football last year could suggest that he’s not strong at the catch point. Couldn’t even get his 40 time at the pro day right either. Whatever though. Everyone is entitled to
their opinion.

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He is wrong … Swift was not and is not a back that is more suited for a power running game. The Lions are not changing anything .
Bevell is Bevell …we will continue to run the plays we did .

We ran from 11 & 12 personnel 70% of the time, we want to be able to run from these sets even more… 12 is what they seek more of but injuries TJ & KJ nixed that . For versatility it is ideal , Swift is perfect for 12 personnel & for a zone based run scheme and the 8 possible lanes it creates the drafting of J.Jackson is only more of an indication that 12 personnel is the plan not for pulling… but a moving line , creating and sealing a defender left or right and not mauling a guy straight back .

We run a zone scheme with some power wrinkles , adding more 21 personnel sets will also allow for more downhill running …but gives you a gap that the second RB can create based on design anywhere… Defenses have to play 21 straight up and down hill without cheating …

The Jackson pick was about getting a good guard that fits and I do agree for the left side I had already commented on that.


Absolutely. I think Bevell is a good coach, not just a system guy. He adjusts to the personnel he has. He did an amazing job of getting the level of effectiveness he did out of our turd of a RB and Ol group last year.

This year, much more juice. As you said, “Swift is a power guy” is laughable.

His instinct is to scat away.

Also - thanks for the input on our Offensive style.

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“Sure, there will be plenty of power elements, and Swift doesn’t fit in those at all, but if they start using their offensive line differently to take advantage more of speed and getting the backs into space rather than having them initiate contact and power through, it makes far more sense.”

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