Why do we run a defense that’s predicated on having coverage linebackers, and have no coverage linebackers?

Why did we then sign a multi-year extension to a guy on the outside who is not a rusher or a coverage linebacker?

Why do we run a defense predicated on middle pressure from the defensive line, and then sign a run-stopper nose tackle that doesn’t get pressure? And then give him an extension?

Why did we give either of these two guys extensions and not our best player on defense, that fits our man to man coverage scheme, that wanted a long-term extension?

Why did we spend 18 million dollars a year for a defensive lineman who is a jack of all trades but master of none?

Why after four full off-season Cycles do we not have enough guys that fit our defense?

Why did we go into the season knowing we have a quarterback who has just recovering from a broken back, and not have a backup quarterback worth a damn?

Why did we go into the season with a number one running back who missed half of his rookie year and had a college injury history, with the plan that CJ Anderson would be our secret weapon?

If we’re not going to get guys that fit our scheme, but that we think are hidden gems, then why are we doing just a little bit of Best Player available drafting?

Don’t get me wrong, I really hate Patricia’s defense. You notice that Vrabel ran essentially the same defense with better personnel yesterday and Kansas City tore it up. But I digress, I mean to say is while I hate Patricia’s defense I think I may hate Quinn more.


I wish you were asking the questions when Quinn deigned to speak to the unwashed masses after the season.

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Why ? It’s all part of the process…trust the process.

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You guys who question why I don’t want to draft Okudah at pick 3??..read this excellent post.

WHY take a 6’1” speed corner THAT high, when your linemen and linebackers can’t pressure a cup of coffee??


Why? Because when you can’t throw to your receiver(s), I can get to the QB eventually at age 56. You really think that speed is all we need at DE? You must miss Avril.

Don’t get me wrong now, I DO like Chase Young. Unlike you, dissing a cover corner that is elite in his position. (just like Young is in his)
Is pretty sad to say the least, trying to prove your point.

While I agree that a CB does not deserve to be taken at 3, my thinking is Chase young won’t be there at 3. But you have to agree that Okudah is not your average CB. That’s why I would consider him @ 3. (Hoping more for trade down of couple spots and nailing Okudah there)

Don’t be a hater, just be open to options.

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The Lions are losing games, defensively, in the trenches. Teams can run and they generate no pass rush. To get a CB that could be elite, to cover for a full second more, doesn’t help. Even with excellent coverage on occasion, our DL didn’t get to the QB. We need to be capable of putting teams in 3rd and 7 or 8. Then, we must get pressure. Quickly! For that we need a great DE prospect

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Why oh why did we give Flowers 90 million dollars when we knew he was allergic to sacks?

So Simmons at 3? Is that value? Hey I really like that kid. But Patricia had both JRM and Killebrew (who aren’t the best, but at least can cover) and neither saw the field until literally the entire starting LB core of non-covering LB’s were on IR. So TD, TD Simmons? Sure, but who does he replace game one? Christian Jones makes sense to me, but does it to Patricia? If it’s a long game pick for the next regime, then cool, but a lot of if’s there when the higher rated prospect, who fits our defense at a position of need sitting right there. I don’t think Simmons goes top 10 actually. Again, love the player, but I’m not big on pissing away value to pick a guy who doesn’t fit our defensive scheme (which is shit, but is what it is). And “speed corner?” C’mon man. He’s a beast in run defense. Willing tackler is an understatement.

New England pedigree is worth -6 sacks in this scheme?

I like the Flowers signing. He’s good in the run, setting up 3rd and long. Then, he can generate a good pass rush. Just what we needed. The problem is our DTs aren’t creating pressure on the inside. They are barely getting any push off the LOS. This allows the QB to step and get more time. Also, Kennard had 7 sacks like Flowers. But rarely generated pressures. Both interior DL and OLB were failures to me.

I like both Flowers and Kennard. I was pulling my hair out in the 1st half of the season when they lined Flowers up for two entire games as a 5-tech DE, but there are numerous games where’s he lined up wider as a 7/9 tech and is able to apply pressure. In those same games, he’ll rotate in to the 3 or sometimes even nose and apply pressure there as well. Good, versatile player that knows how to use his length to gain leverage. Hand similarly wins with strength, length and leverage, though virtually all of his snaps are inside at the 3t spot.

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While there’s some truth to this statement. I believe we lost games because we couldn’t close them out.

I think our defensive front 7 is a mess and we need another CB, and better play at safety.

On offense we have to get better at running the football and being able to grind out games on the ground once we’re up. This will take a ton of pressure off of our defense.

With that said -

We need better LBer play and I do not believe there’s a LBer worthy of 3. Were also kinda married to the LBers we have. I really think we should look to ad an edge guy via FA.

DT is the biggest issue with our DL. With Snack possibly retiring and A’Shawn hitting FA the Lions could be looking to find two starters. I could see us going DT at 3.

CB - If Slay is sent packing via a trade then the Lions will need to find two starting caliber CB’s. Personally I’d never draft a CB at 3 but the Lions may not have a choice.

S - I have a feeling the Lions may look to add some veteran depth at Safety but will ride the year with their youngsters. Trading Diggs was just dumb.

RB - The Lions desperately need a number two RB to compliment KJ. I feel the best opportunity will come via the draft.

OL - I think GG will be gone via FA and the Lions will look to draft his replacement.

Don’t know where else to put this, but…

Kennard takes a lot of heat around here. When Flowers isn’t on the field, Kennard is the best DL player out there. Let that sink in a minute.

He’s the LDE that will actually get a hand on the ball. Nobody else is even close.
(Okwara and Atkins were DT, Bryant was RDE)

The vaunted defensive front:
Devon Kennard LB/DE 936 snaps
Trey Flowers DE 705 snaps
Romeo Okwara DE 606 (hard to believe he was out there this much. invisible)
A’Shawn Robinson DT 527
Damon Harrison DT 527 (injured, ineffective, considering retirement)
John Atkins DT 409 (seriously. practice squad player is the 3rd most interior snaps)
Mike Daniels DT 204 (what’s the math on that? 39k per snap? Yikes!)
Kevin Strong DT 172 (another injury. too bad, too. he looks like he has upside)
Austin Bryant DE 133 (injured. no idea what he’s going to look like next year)
Da’Shawn Hand DT/DE 110 (injured. best interior lineman of the group when healthy)
Frank Herron DE 103 (any relation to Blue?)
Jamie Meder DT 12 (his mom’s name is Milly)
Jonathan Wynn DE 7


Suh is never injured. Pick him up!

The problem with Kennard is that he plays OLB/Edge for us and when he’s asked to
Play off ball he becomes a liability. Also his lack of speed takes him out of a lot of plays. He’s more of a role player and not a 3 down player.

I think your wrong about Kenard and the pressures. I thought I read we’re he lead the team in pressures.

Well…according to profootballreference.com:
Kennard had 13 Hurries, 10 QB hits and 7 sacks. Flowers had 14 hurries, 13 QB hits and 7 sacks. So it’s safe to say that Flowers was very slightly better.

Kennard is a good value. Productive veteran at a reasonable cost. He’s more of a glue guy on a good defense though.

We really need Hand to be healthy. He can be a difference maker but damn he gets hurt a lot.

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