Wildcard Weekend

Just looking ahead to this week’s matchups…

Seattle at San Fran on Saturday. So much for all those good feelings, Seahawk fans. Luck of the draw. There are worse teams in the NFC, but you’re getting an early exit.

Giants at Vikings, two sub-zero teams (in net scoring differential). You both suck but one of you will be able to stick around by virtue of your opponent sucking worse.

Cowboys at Bucs. This one is intriguing simply because they’re both sort of schizo. The Cowboys are +125 while the Bucs are a playoff’s worst of -45 in net scoring. You’d think the Cowboys would win this, but I wouldn’t bet either way.

AFC side has the Chargers and Jags facing off in what I think is going to be fun matchup. Unlike the Vikings and Giants where you wish both would lose, this matchup will produce a loser you almost wish could stick around.

Then we see some some same-division matchups between the Dophins vs Bills, and the Ravens vs Bengals. Not a lot of intrigue there as the Bills and Bengals are the class of the AFC along with the Chiefs.

I’ll watch them all, but the Cowboys/Bucs and Chargers/Jags are probably going to be the more entertaining.

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Yeah that Chargers-Jags game is by far my favorite of the weekend. If there’s any two QBs that can break up the Mahomes-Allen-Burrow stranglehold at the top of the AFC, it’s Lawrence or Herbert.

Jags crushed them earlier this year in LA.

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Go Lions! We can’t possibly lose this weekend… ha ha

I gotta say now that the Lions are out my care level for the playoffs really aint very high. I don’t even have the Packers to cheer against because we murdered their playoff hopes!

The fact that shit teams like the Vikes, Seattle, Giants, and the Bucs are in the playoffs… they are so lucky we didn’t make it. The refs gifted Seattle a playoff spot.

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Yeah, bummer.

Difference this year from the last few for me is that the Lions didn’t kill my love for football as they had been doing. I know there is some bad football coming up, but I also know there a couple matchups that are worth projecting on the big screen and kicking my feet up to watch.

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It’s a very different feeling this year for sure… usually it’s jealousy of the playoff teams being so much better than we are. Not the case at all anymore. The last 10 games of the season, I think the Lions might have had the best record in the nfl at 8-2.

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