Will Anderson jr

Well that was a fun season, time to focus on our Superbowl…

I’m ready to draft Will Anderson jr. #1 overall and sign Da’Ron Payne in FA, and hopefully we can have the 30th ranked defense next year.

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If we draft number 1 overall against our schedule then Dan Campbell won’t be back. I think whether or not Aaron Glenn is back next year remains up in the air.

Nah we will just give 10 yard cushions

Did you watch Dan and Sheila embrace? This is the Lions we’re talking about. Matt Millen billboards. Chasing fans wearing Fire Millen shirts around the stadium with your rent a cops. I can’t imagine what Dan would have to do to get fired here.

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Need Blue chip players. People like Mike Tyson. “Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.”


Like Okudah and Hutchinson.

I didn’t want either of them.

I know I know. Our offense is humming and our defense is putrid. We scored 45 and were never really in that game.

But the surest way of completing a 180 degree turnaround rebuild is to draft/acquire an alpha male bluechip QB.

GB did it with Farve. Then Rodgers.
NE did it with Brady
Tampa w Brady
Buffalo did it with Allen.
KC did it with Mahomes.
NO w Brees
SEA did it w Russ.
Indi w Peyton
Den w Peyton
NYG w Eli
LAR w Warner + Stafford
Arizona w Warner
SD w Herbert
CIN w Burrow
Pitt w Ben

I don’t know man. Goff is putting up great numbers but we’re 1-3. So either he doesn’t possess the force of personality that pushes the rest of the team over the top or we have to spend on defense almost exclusively the next three years and trust Goff is good enough if our D becomes top 15-18.

It certainly hasn’t helped that Levi and Paschal were drafted w significant medical red flags using high value draft capital and have contributed next to nothing.

To my point, I think Will Levis and Bryce Young both posses the potential to revolutionize a franchise. Levis has thoroughbred traits physically and Young is an Alpha winner despite sub average size. Get the chance to grab one of them and develop them for a year, I think you’ve got to do it.

This is a strange post…. Literally all of these examples happened different ways. Not all were alphas either-


We have the worst defense in the league. Historically bad. We have a top five offense

The fix to not being 1-3 isn’t a rookie QB. I swear the QB cultists are over the top sometimes


This entire post makes no sense just based on Stafford alone, who is in your alpha savior QB list yet didnt win shit here.


I wanted more Oline and RBs. Not a QB. Keep building your strength.

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I agree. We have the number 1 offense and number 32 defense through 4 games. If you can’t identify the problem with this team accurately you have an agenda you are pushing regardless of what they do on the field.


Neither are right now.

Exactly to every single word of this.


Drunk Beach GIF


I am all in on Will Anderson. Too many ?‘s about the top two QBs in this draft in my opinion. I think there’s some QBs we could get later in the first or second rounds. Will Anderson is an absolute difference maker on defense. He reminds me of another Alabama great linebacker, Derrick Thomas. Imagine adding DT to this defense? Anderson sheds blocks, splits double teams, is good against the run, and great rushing the passer. I’m all in for ruining his professional career and making him a Detroit Lion for life. Welcome to Hell, son.


I would be fine with Anderson at 1 and use the Rams pick to trade up for a QB.

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He certainly has no difficulty beating OTs.