Will Goff?

Will Goff take a lower price to stay here . If he gives us a good deal it would help a lot in the long run. Or he can get paid and Brad Holmes will have to continue to be a genius . Either way we are good . Leave what you think would be the contract details .

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Will Goff?


Goff will sign for a fair contract offer. I don’t think it will be a hugely discounted deal, but I expect both sides to come together after season ends.


I’m hoping for 35 .

This year his cap hit is $31M and next year its $32M.

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Ok 40

How much does Goff’s value change if Ben Johnson leaves?

If Ben leaves we should only offer Goff the Analzone deal. 3 years $18M. Take it or leave it!

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I forgot to mention it would be FULLY guaranteed at signing!

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There isn’t going to be a hometown discount and if Ben leaves there’s a good chance it’ll be to a team that needs a QB so there’s a chance we’d be bidding against that team. He’s going to have a choice of staying here for a little less but a higher chance of winning or going there for more money but less of a chance at immediate team success.

Honestly I would be surprised to see a contract after game 2 of Seattle depending on performance.

No such thing in the NFL.
You might think there is but there isnt.

If its less per year. It’s because of a lot of dead cap at the end of the contract. See Hurts.

I think this is right. I absolutely could see Goff giving up a few million, especially for a longer-term deal. He obviously loves Detroit, the coaches, his teammates. He’s that kind of human being. AND he has a super-model fiance who, while no Gisele Bunchen in re earning power, also brings in major $$$.

But, as much as anyone, he knows how quickly fortunes can change and it’s not reasonable to expect him to be the first player to give a massive discount on his first prime-of-his-career contract when the likes of Daniel Jones pockets $40 million per.

Goff loves his OL and wants to keep it that way. Seeing Rodgers last night has to make him think he should stay where he is appreciated and with good protection.

Sign a team friendly deal goff! If you are going to play, you want to play for a winner that supports you

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I think we have some crack heads on here that think he will sign for less than Carr, Mayfield, or Jones. I think we will be lucky to sign him for that kind of discount.

Well this is why I asked . I think the real way to become a consistent winner is to take a pay cut like a Tom Brady . As long as you believe in your front office .

Would like to see like an extra 3 at about $40/yr. Or see if you can get a 4 yr $150M.

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Goff will take a fair deal and not hamper this team in any way.


The telling thing for me won’t be $$. It’ll be trade approval. I think Goff will be more amenable to cap-spreading extra years if he has that. And cap hit is the only thing fans should ever worry about, imo.