Will Holmes Change His Strategy?

I think it’s pretty clear that the Eagles, Cowboys and 49ers are our main competition in the NFC and probably will be for over the next year or two at least. All three of these teams have pushed and will continue to push SIGNIFICANT money into future cap years. For example, Jalen Hurts has over a 97mil cap hit in 2029 and he isn’t even under contract that year.

It will be next to impossible to compete with these teams if we don’t start following suit. We barely have any dead money beyond 2025. In fact, we have less than 30mil in dead money beyond this season, spread out through 2027. That is very very little compared to most competitive teams. Even the few big contracts we have in this team don’t have heavily inflated future numbers.

When we resign guys like McNeil, St Brown, and Sewell, their cap numbers need to be structured so we are doing the same, IMO. This is our window and to
Keep up with everyone else I don’t see another option.

Cutting Buggs and Walker gives us about 50mil of effective cap space. We need multiple impact players through trades/ FA with that money.

Just my two cents.

Depends on how we feel about our QB.

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They are showing a willingness to push things a certain distance, like a year or two.

The guiding principle will be to pay their own rather than opening the pocket book for outside help. So if you’re looking for them to push money out to go reward some outside star, you’ll definitely be disappointed. If you’re looking to see us lock up our own, you’ll be rewarded.

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Holmes has no track record to have a glimpse of this. But I believe he will do whatever it takes to be successful for as long as possible.
Hell, how many years now have the Saints gone into an offseason close to 100 Million in the red?

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Entering year 4 I could see us being more aggressive.

In the past we had 2 first rounders each offseason and more draft capital. We don’t have that any more. Now we will have a late 1st rounder. Might need to be more aggreesive in free agency and or trade to add talent.

Hutch Gibbs Jamo and Sewell. These guys were all top 12 picks.


It needs to be both. Locking up our own is fantastic but unless you are hitting home runs with every pick you will struggle to compete with the elite.

Not saying to throw top dollar contracts to everyone.

These competitive teams go out and grab the older vets who come discounted but still play at a high level. Guys like Stephon Gilmore, Khalil Mack, Clowney, etc.

We don’t need to consistently be the youngest team in the league.

I would love to sign players like Stephon Gilmore, Kevin Zietler, DJ Reader, Zadarious Smith etc. we have stayed away from these guys because what veteran wants to sign with a young team rebuilding.

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Do you think we have the QB to compete with the elite?

Exactly. I have no issues with Holmes approach so far. I think year 4, with the way this team is playing, is the time to take the next step, similar to what the Rams did.

I’d rather trade a late 1st for a proven Superstar. We already have so much youth on this roster.

For example, If the Raiders blow it up this off-season and Crosby requests out, I’d give up our 1st and 3rd this year and a 2024 3rd as well. These are the moves we need to start pursuing to take the next step.

It’s a very good question. If he isn’t, then you get what you can for him now. I personally would not discard the possibility of trading Goff to wherever Ben goes. Giving the reigns to Hooker and signing a quality backup like Minshew. Maybe we take the capital from Goff and move up this year for a particular player.

I personally think that Goff needs too much going right to win us the big game. I think the capital and cap room we would save by moving him would likely bridge the talent gap between Goff and whoever replaced him.

Yea it’ll be interesting if they switch gears a bit.

A lot of it probably depends on how this season finishes up

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Well then you don’t go all in.

Crosby should be an offseason target for Brad. He has GRIT written all over him! He’s a MCDC kind of guy.

Based on the provided cap chart, it appears that the salary cap is just a hypothetical.

There’s a type of vet that they would be willing to sign for sure. And you’re right that we may become a little more attractive to those types. But the bulk of the cap space we see coming up will be reserved for their own. They’re not going to empty the purse on an outside player to the point they can’t retain their own guys. That’s really all I’m saying. We see void years all over the roster, so we know they’re willing to kick some cap charges into future years, but they’ll still be prudent.

Jared Goff is just like every other QB --they NEED QB PROTECTION and or help to be able to run effectively… NO QB does it all by himself ! Erin could stand behind his line and make a PB&J sandwich before HE had to throw the damn football in GB ! Goff says " hut hut !" and he’s throwing for his life !

We stayed away 1 they want to much an hurts the cap during rebuild also age they will be to old in another year of two. We went this route for years thats why we have not had playoff games. By now we as fans should know what doesn’t work.

The cowboys bill is going to come due very soon. They’re going to have to pay parsons, lamb and Prescott again.

…not to mention officials and league offices