Will Luke Willson be retained?

With the additon of Hockenson and Pelham, would the Lions entertain the idea of extending an offer to Luke Willson?
There may be several reasons as to why:

  1. Darrell Bevell as the New OC. Luke came from Seattle where Darrel was the OC and thus has a familiarity with the system.
  2. It may be wise to keep a TE on board that was the #2 TE behind Jimmy Graham and was most definitely underutilized under the anaemic JBC system.
  3. It would provide a teaching platform to accelerate our fresh TE’s entering the fold. This would also help Darrel B. In this regard.
    It takes 2+ seasons for a tight end to become familiar and it very well seems that while Roberts was starting to gel last year the retention of Luke will help with the lingo, signals, etc. keep the TE group in the loop as while Hock and Pelham are learning a new system, Roberts essentially will be as well, and Luke would be a good mediary in this regard.
    While I understand Luke was only on a one year deal, I do see some benefits to him staying on.

Highly doubt it. They signed 1 drafted 2 and signed another as an udfa. On top of that Roberts is still “currently” under contract. Only so many spots to go around.

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Willson signed with Oakland a while back


Honestly, I assumed he had retired.

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Didn’t know he signed. Thanks for the heads up.

Something tells me Willson just wasn’t a “Patricia” kinda guy.

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I can’t imagine why he would be, but, Quinn said there would be competition. Hey, if he’s wins a job, fine.

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