Will Ray Agnew Bring Some Comp Picks?

With our recent success will somebody hire Ray Agnew our Asst.GM to be their new GM? If so that would bring us 2 3rd round draft picks. He spent 4 years as the Rams director of Pro Personnel before coming here as Brad’s Asst GM for the last 3 years. I think teams have to be looking at him after the success Brad has had here.


I’ve seen him proposed in combination with Ben Johnson to the Chargers :slightly_smiling_face:

There could do worse


I know Ben is a hot commodity, but we won’t get anything for him if he leaves. I think Ray is one of the best talent evaluators in the NFL I don’t know if he has all the skill for a GM but I would bring him in as a GM with a salary cap guru with a coach like Bellichek if I was the Chargers. I think Bill is still a great football coach but a terrible GM.


Ray should get some looks. How much does he help Holmes is hard to say. We have John Dorsey as well who has tons of GM experience.

Ray could be getting some interviews soon though and I really like magic beans. :laughing:


the beans are nice….

but having a stable front office building up the personnel and gaining confidence with potential free agents around the league may be even more valuable.

Now… if AG lands a head coaching gig….
I’ll take dem picks!!!


And then Aaron Glenn gets hired by someone as well and we get two comp 3rds this year and next :grin:

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Agnew and Glenn to the Chargers.

It just makes sense.


If I was the Chargers I would certainly give some thought to Ben and Agnew. I think the Raiders and the Panthers fired the GM along with the coach so I think Agnew will be getting some looks.

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I want Ray to get a job. Seems like a sweet guy and from what everyone says he’s quite good at his job.

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Pay Ben $5M under the table to make his acceptance of the Chargers job contingent on Agnew being his GM.

Wouldn’t that type of bribery qualify as racketeering?

Probably. Add it to Brad and Dan’s list of things they’re badass at getting away with

How much racketeering went on by those who got to create the law racketeering?

I Think with our recent success in the draft our Asst GM who Brad praises as one of the best talent evaluators in the NFL, is going to get some looks.

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I do solidly believe Agnew will be getting at least one interview, and probably more, and he’s earned them. I definitely believe that the Chargers will be in on Agnew. Having plucked from the Rams before, it’s clear the Spanos family would like to emulate their success, and Agnew understands the LA culture. He’s a strong candidate there imo.

I also believe Washington should be giving him due consideration. New ownership there without preconceived ideologies.

Why not?

Fun fact: Ben Johnson used to be faster than Jamo. After his scandal he went into hiding, which explains why his skin got so pale.


He made Canada proud for 24 hours.

Also fun fact. I’ve been on that same track in Seoul. Ran the same 100 meters same lane as a Ben. I also won gold although I was competing against ghosts.

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