Will the Lions sign Kenny Vaccaro this week?

Makes a lot of sense IMO. Knows Dan and Aaron well of course. Only 30 so he’s likely got enough left to help us for a year or two. I have to believe there’s a reason we’ve been so nonchalant about the safety spot.

On the flip side he was cut so they could have signed him prior to the draft without a compensatory formula issues. Perhaps he was plan B if the right safety didn’t fall to them.

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I’d definitely bring him in for a visit, work him out and check on his health. A vet safety could be very helpful to all the young players we have in the secondary.

I would take him or Boston or Hooker but get one of them

Me too in that order actually

The first thing to come to mind with Vaccaro was how much one of the resident draftniks wanted him when he came out.

Can’t remember who… Beast, maybe?

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I think both he and Myrtle really liked him. That was a weird era for the board. Was like the Timmy and Jimmy centric South Park era.

Yeah some threads got basically all CRIPPLE FIGHT!!!

jimmy valmer timmy burch GIF by South Park

That entire scene mirroring the fight scene between Rowdy Roddy Piper and Keith David may be the most awesome thing ever made that doesn’t involve Bruce Campbell

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We need a vet and a better player then Harris back there. If I had to pick a player to sign it would be Hooker.

Originally signed a three year deal with the Titans at an $4,795,833 APY.

Have to think he’s going to be available for considerably less.

used to want K V but he’s not even been thought of in many years by me.

I don’t love the player. It’s just that he’s competent and we could use competence back there.


I don’t think he’s all that anylonger, just “so-so” . better than having no FS i guess.