Win or lose, I love OUR guys

They love our city, they want this as much for our city and and their teammates as they do for themselves.

There appear to be no egos on this team. If this team loses, the coaches and players will be back at it trying to improve.

They aren’t just a good team, but a team that does represent Detroit and Michigan.

Win or lose, can’t wait for either two weeks and the Super Bowl or free agency and the draft.


They really are not just grit, but likable. And they love the city. I can’t remember another team outside of the early 90s that seemed to love the fans as much as the fans love them.


We love them
They love us


And Hard Knocks helped, but our guys are relatable. They have fun, they seem vulnerable at times, the support each other, and they genuinely seem like they drafted good people.

ARSB pod is so humanizing and authentic.

What a great team. It has been a truly epic and memorable year regardless of outcome on Sunday.

That said, let’s go get this F***in win!!!


They are genuinely happy when other players make plays. I go back to Monty and Monty waiving Craig Reynolds back onto the field to score his first TD, or Barnes showing great appreciation for his teammates and coaches for believing in him after getting his first INT, JAMO being happy when anyone does anything (not pouting because he’s not getting the ball as much as he’d like). the happiness players show when teammates get game balls in the locker room. Players showing admiration for Frank the Tanks toughness. It just goes on and on. They’re having fun and it shows. The fans are having fun and it shows. It’s why the country for the most part is behind this team. Dan and Brad and Sheila and Spielman‘s synergy creates a great environment. I’m so thankful that we’ve all made it this far and I’m saddened for those who never got to experience this.

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Great post ^^^

You forgot Skipper locker room video last year

That was the best ever

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And Hutch just standing there after the Bucs win watching all the fans and soaking it all in

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We may never lose again!!!

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I did remember it but didn’t want to go too overboard. He was almost brought to tears and after struggling to latch on and to finally get recognized had to be the greatest feeling in the world.

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