With all these mocks with so many picks

I look at depth chart an along with Cap how many openings you think Lions need to fill from draft.

I look an think a OG an maybe OT a RB an a Edge player an at least one WR thats 5 players i expect us to maybe draft 8.

I think if possible we will use some picks to improve a position in certain rounds.

We have 9 now an likely will pick up couple with a move down. I would like to get one fro 2021 also on the move down.

We could have 11 picks I don’t see how that many would make roster. Plus they will bring some UDFA in an usually one or two make roster or at least PS

I see guys drafting mocks where we have dozen players rather take a couple picks for 2021

Quinn needs to win now and this team lacks playmakers and depth, not to mention we have mediocre players on contract years that we need to be ready to either overpay or backfill with young players.

We have a lot of mediocre talent that we can let walk without much repercussion.

Just going by the numbers…
There are 74 players under contract, leaving 16 open positions available. 9 will be spent on draft picks, leaving another 7 for Undrafted Free Agents (for now).

More numbers (the easy part)…
There is not a backup K. 1 will be added.
There are only 4 OT’s. 2 will be added.
There are 8 CB’s. 2+ will be added.

Needs at the top of the order:

Needs at depth (not already mentioned):
WR, TE, DT, Edge, LB