With Fields, Poles to lead Bears to promised land in 2024?

From Peter King’s FMIA:

If Ryan Poles is any good as a GM (seems it) the Bears can be SB Contenders by 2024 with Fields

— Dan Orlovsky (@danorlovsky7) December 18, 2022

Orlovsky is an ESPN NFL analyst, and he’s correct.

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The Bears have the assets to make themselves a contender (120+ million in cap space this offseason), but can they capitalize on it, or will they just spend like the Jaguars?


They have torn it down to the studs and Eberflous looks like a solid coach. Think they will be a solid team but I’d still have question marks about Fields durability and whether he can get it done if teams can force him to stay in the pocket and make plays with his arm rather than his legs.

But they have the cap space and draft picks to add talent over the next couple of seasons. The NFC North is there for the Lions and Bears in the medium term


Agree with both you guys, but the wear and tear on running QBs (e.g. Robert Griffin), can dramatically shorten their career. Bears are going to be in the market for WRs, so Fields doesn’t have to run as much.

They’ll be looking for some O lineman too because even if Fields wanted to sit in the pocket he just couldn’t. He gets folded in half any time he takes even 2.5 seconds in the pocket.


Also, that Claypool trade looks a poor move right now especially given the impact rookie WRs are having in the league at the minute.


Random small world comment- Eberflous’ brother-in-law is currently helping manage a project at my site. He mentioned it when I brought up the fact that I’m a Lions fan.


Biggest issue rn

This is one of the weakest WR FA weve had in a while

so like the claypool trade, they gonna have to trade for a true star wideout tbh

The Bears have lost 7 straight games. They might want to leave the “outhouse” before thinking about the “penthouse” in 2024.