With Friends Like this Guy and Favre

Those poor people in Mississippi don’t need enemies. GD circling celebrity buzzards stealing all of the aid for families in need. Sick F’s. Need to throw the book at these A Holes.


I think we need to hear ALL of the information before we jump to conclusions. We don’t even know what kind of boat he bought with the money. What if it was a really sweet boat?


Imagine what their doing with the money “they” steal from “other” foundations.

Funny how they can use cute words too:

  • Prosecutors allege that a former pro-wrestler misappropriated federal funds for personal gain.

Misappropriated federal funds for personal gain

That’s called stealing


A dirt poor state that stays dirt poor. Jerry Jeff sings about, “an old tar paper shack”, people still live in old tar paper shacks down there. And they still talk about the war of northern aggression.


Well he was the million dollar man.

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Some people don’t have a conscience, don’t care or think they are entitled and above the law. Sickening the way of the world today. Hope they are all served justice


It’s his kid, so there’s that. Still in character I guess

so…. did the old man call him the “Million Dollar mini-me”???

Lack of empathy
Self absorbed

It all comes down to missing the basic principal that happened when we changed one word…


Changed from charity to love in doctrine.
Love as this feely feel type of word.
When the original word was translated as charity.

That’s an ultimate act of love.

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At least he’s staying in character

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Politicians hate competition.

You have to be a special kind of shit bag to steal from the poorest of the poor.

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