With Montgomery out, who starts?

If we have to trade a 3rd for a 29 year old running back after taking a running back with the 12th overall pick I am actually for the first time going to seriously question Brad Holmes.

You don’t have to do anything. I doubt Brad would be interested tbh.

Hopefully Bam gets up to speed quickly. He can be a step up from Netflix.

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Yep, Knight should be brought up.

Wouldn’t doubt Hunt is back with Cleveland after tonight.

Yeah, I’m not advocating for it. I don’t know what’s going on there and haven’t been tracking who else might be available. I like the Reynolds/Gibbs tandem fine if they can keep a solid OL in front of them. Passpro might be the biggest must-have for any back they get.

In any case, I imagine Zonovan Knight will get the callup before they bring in an outside guy.

It’s just pretty amazing for a guy to go from #1 RB to public trade bait literally after one game.

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Not based on the way Jerome Ford has played. He has been a beast.

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