Wojo: Against Super Bowl champs, Detroit Lions step boldly into the rare glare

From Wojo’s article this am:

In football, it’s tough to become tough, but tougher to become great, as the audience grows and expectations rise. It’s only one game out of 17, one step from the darkness into the light. No, it’s not a season-definer but perhaps a season-setter, the first chance for the Lions to look around a place they’ve never been and see if they belong.


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There’s no looking back or turning back now, as the Lions step into a vast unknown.

“This is a great opportunity, a good barometer to see where we are,” offensive tackle Taylor Decker said. “We have a feel for what kind of players we have, but it doesn’t matter until game time. We feel the excitement throughout Detroit and the fan base, throughout the country, to see if the Lions are for real or not."

As far as an authentically good team, I think the Lions are for real. As far as a championship team, they have so much yet to experience, to be tested. I have them going 10-7 and winning the NFC North, the minimum to be considered a legitimate leap. If they do that and land a home playoff game, anything is possible. And they’re not downplaying the possibilities.

We’re not scared of the expectations,” Holmes said during training camp. “The expectations are earned through what we’ve built, what we’ve done up to this point and how we finished the end of last season. But now, we’ve got to just prove them right.”

That’s a tricky twist for the Lions,

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no we stepping in and looking around like we own the place.

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