Wojo & Rogers

I really like their videos and more so when Niyo joins them.

They are knowledgeable, work well together and are fun to watch imo.

Im not a big fan of hypotheticals. If the Lions win next week… etc.

There is more than enough to talk about the actual game. Also he didnt know the name of the Eagles player.

Judgy McJudger-pants! Literally just looking for things you don’t like, and that’s all you have to say.

Loved what he was saying about the cultural shift. Lions were’t celebrating the win, they were mostly talking about how they were disappointed in their O and how they could improve. Culturaly shifting.

Go Lions

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You don’t like the absoute’s either…like “the Lions absolutely got a W in Philly today”

Then you suddenly become a hypocrite and say “Well, if the Eagles WOULD HAVE caught that pass…yada yada yada”

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