Wolverines vs Washington Natty Game Thread

I don’t see a thread, it’s easy to get lost in the wild last NFL weekend/playoffs that this is going to be another great game.

For the Natty

Wishing all the luck to U of M and Harbaugh.

( Even if it gives more steam to a Harbaugh Baltimore Super Bowl and thay stupid 59 logo.)

Such a good group of kids all of their U of M roster.
Penix is such a class act kid too.
NFL prospects all over the field tonight.

Should be a fun one


Michigan for the Natty tonight.

Lions for a playoff win against one of their greatest players in franchise history.

It doesn’t get much better than this for me.


Do we got a game thread?

@moderators merge this if we have official thread but it’s almost game time baby

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Michigan National champs
Lions win Super Bowl.

Will never have a better sports year.


Better block Trice better than they blocked Horton 4 sacks last year in CFP semis

Mistake free. Run the football



It’s their time, they have been on a mission since the ass whipping by TCU and they shouldn’t be denied.

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Go Huskies.

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Well one less turnover and still could have won that game… i can’t believe TCU did not beat Michigan by more given the TCU scored twice on defense and ran an awful 4th and goal play first drive of that game basically gifting TCU 21 points.

If all it takes is being slightly better than vs TCU I like Michigan chances.

Yes I know it will require being a lot better. Playing similiar to like Michigan did first half vs Alabama and Michigan will win this.

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In 2008 the Lions went 0-16 and Michigan went 3-9.

Gameday thread set

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  • Michigan Wolverines
  • Washington Huskies
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Who You Got?

Of course I want Michigan to win, but as a football fan in general, this was the matchup I’ve been looking forward to for a number of weeks. Should be a GREAT game.


Unfortunately uofm 34- Washington 24

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If both teams bring their A game then Michigan.

If both teams bring their F game also Michigan.

Hopefully Michigan figures this special teams aspect of the game they forgot about last week.


To me, it has the same vibe as the TCU game last year.

I hope this one turns out different, and I think it will.

I think Michigan pulls away in the 4th quarter, with a 2 score lead and win.


Not sure about that feel as there is not 1 month of listening to press clippings. Line is also much less. This Michigan team is probably also much better at tuning out the outside and focusing.

Agree with score part.

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Ain’t no stopping the Dawgs of Doom, they will certainly be howling!

Huskies - 42

Tho this is one game in which I’m ok with either result

Defense wins championships hopefully.



If Michigan limits their mistakes (no turnovers, esp. early in the game, no special team f-up), then they should win :trophy: