Wonder how this is going to turn out?

Hope they move.

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greedy pricks.

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I respect their vote but they should know there are potential consequences. Chiefs will probably look for a better deal.


Chiefs and Royals.

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The Chiefs are going to be far less popular nationally anyway… Because we’re gonna be kicking their ass annually


Los Angeles Chiefs has a nice ring to it.

BC LA does such a bang up job supporting two teams.

There are few things that upset me as much as billionaires exploiting taxpayers in this sort of way.


Neither the Chiefs nor the Royals are going anywhere they are integral to the fabric of that City whether they win or lose their fans even when they move away are incredibly loyal. They will find a way to split the cost of Renovations in the end between some sort of tourist tax being on hotels or whatever and ownership investment

What this was was a referendum on people wanting to have a little bit more money in their pocketbooks given the current economic conditions affecting everyone but the upper middle class and above


Seriously. People are hurting financially. They may love watching their team every Sunday, but when you’re trying to raise three kids on 47,000 a year and a billionaire comes with his hat out there’s no fan loyalty that changes a ‘■■■■ off’ response


Billionaires asking tax payers for money. Pathetic. They had the same issue 20 years ago.


Just spit balling with some simple math but let’s say the average household spends $30,000 a year on items that would qualify for sales tax. Probably high but they tax food in KC although at a lower rate. The tax rate would go up 3/8%, so the average household would pay under $10 a month. Split the cost with the owner and now it’s $5 a month. On the baseball side I would offer everybody a free ticket to a single game because their numbers suck. Their attendance last season was just over 16.000 per game and that was a slight uptick from the previous season. Just over 500.000 residents in KC, 6,000 free tickets per game. Fixed overhead, win/win.

Sales tax is also paid by visitors, so it’s even less.

It was scheduled to run until 2064, so as to lessen the burden/hide the total $ amount…

That said, this is for renovations, albeit to old stadiums. Pony up, Billionaires.

Heres an idea! Sell bonds! Investors will snap that shit up…professional sports clubs mint $$. Pay 5 points for 10 years, or 20 depending how much you need.

A single team doesn’t generate enough revenue you say? Ok, we can argue that, its fair…

HOWS ABOUT THE NFL issues the bonds? You are now socializing the debt acriss all individual clubs, essentially, which would be a tough sell as Jerrah probably doesnt want to be collateral for the dipshit Brown family or bonehead Hedgie owners…but gone are the days when the local attorney that did well and some of his buddies pooled up to own a franchise.

NFL bonds. Do it. Take the boot off of people rebting cars and hotel rooms in your cities.

I think it’s funny that some of you guys are bashing the owners on this one. They both committed $1B and $300M to the new park and renovating Arrowhead respectively. You do know they do not own these stadiums, the Jackson County Sports Complex Authority actually owns and runs then along with other sports complex’s within Jackson county.

So why would the owners pony up all of the money for this when it’s not even owned by them? Very common of building owners to split the cost with the Leaser of a property to do upgrades.


Being how St. Louis isn’t all that far away from them you would think fans and the city would realize just how easy it is for an NFL team to get a better deal. It wasn’t until the Rams had a deal in place that the city of St Louis stepped up but it was too late.

NFL teams draw a ton of revenue to the city. Down town St Louis took a serious financial hit when the Rams pulled out.

Look how moving the Lions and Pistons back to Detroit has help revitalize the city.

I hope KC moves to Alaska….lol

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I like the sound of the Grand Rapids Chiefs. An AFC team and NFC team in Michigan!
Hey, both MSU and UM fill their stadiums weekly.


they don’t stay billionaires by spending their own money, they steal ours.

A lot of posturing by both sides. I think the real problem the professional sports franchises have is the physical disengagement of the phone generation. Inertia is powerful, but only lasts so long. Opening gambling up has stemmed the tide, but there’s also a very real possibility we are seeing the apex of live sports in popularity. Looking at the average age of this board is a bit of a microcosm of that, and I can’t say there’s even a one for one replacement for current fans.

I digress, but it’s a business. Nobody in business is going to pay for something they might be able to attain for free. If you can hand a company from China over a billion in tax breaks to create a small amount of jobs without any guarantee that they will last, why would you not ask for the money to create a one of a kind entertainment experience that generates it’s own money? It’s all about the bottom line. It’s the NFL, not a charity. Same as it ever was.

Take the money and help the poor, and willing, to get technical training and a better job…

I love my lions but this is sad…. Football makes all this money and they fail at helping thier local communities to the impact that they really could…

St louis should be all over this vote. St louis chiefs?