Wood - Past vs Present

Lots of post on what he did wrong… we all have made major past mistakes…

But did we learn from them?

Tell why many do not see what I’m seeing a guy who’s adjusting fire with the new owner (who was around for the past hiring a) and wanting to do better due to his past missteps?

Ron wood will not come out imho and go “I ducked up”, but when hear his last two interviews he is stating change and a better (we hope) process.

I’m happy so far

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Because some of his quotes
begin to sound questionable / contradictory or not reflective enough making the quotes feel a bit like an argument to made it is an on going pattern that hasn’t change much even if he’s learning on the job.

It’s a highly competitive industry. In a game of inches , it can be traced to very small mis judgements.

Nor saying he is or isn’t yet. I think he’s doing job owners’ expect

What really changed between last season abd this for you to decide when this learning occurred ? Patricia seemed to have been fired for not over coming

Loved u using “seemed” brother!!

I am starting to think the firing wasn’t just not winning games but over time , as we know, most who bullshit are exposed. Add in Sheila given the reins, I feel there is both ideas in play for the firing: they didn’t win and over time they showed leadership/ownership they were not really that smart…

Yea I just think of ownership was … more experienced ? - they would’ve seen earlier that what was happening wasn’t normal -

We hear the innuendo and rumors
But Wood could talk directly with Matt , Snacks , Slsy , Diggs …

It judt seemed really obvious and move could’ve been made last season before BQ spent more capital.

Look, I was at the front of the mob calling to axe Fatt Matt last year, with pitchfork and torch in hand.

However, there were a lot of reasonable people calling for Quinntricia to get a third year, including Spielman.

The benefit of hindsight tells us that those in favor of firing were correct. That doesn’t automatically make someone who made the opposite decision for good reasons an idiot.

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He has all the behind info. We had rumors of how MP was. Wood knew.

Not saying he’s an idiot. ( or did I? )

There’s actually reasonable covid excuses and growth in locker room with a new defensive coordinator to hsve kept Patricia if they had -

But it seemed like Patricia could’ve been fired early for whst he showed early and while msybe it would’ve been wrong
With hindsight it looks right.
Tomsula didn’t neeec years in sf

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