World Cup

Anybody else watching? I have watched every USA game, caught a few minutes here and there of the others. Been recording a lot of the games.

Looks like they made it to the knockout round. Good for them. Netherlands is usually very good. Not sure how good they are this time around.

We were second in the last World Cup, which is a big thing for such a small country, but I don’t expect such a result this time.
It will be good if we play well against Belgium tomorrow and advance.
The next world championship will be played partly in America, so maybe Croatia will play in Detroit.
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Never watched soccer before this world cup. Must say it’s not as bad as I thought it was going to be.

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They are great athletes, can run for days…just hate all the flopping.

Soccer Player GIF

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In 2004, after chiding him for being a fan of soccer, my roommate essentially dared me to take a week off of work and watch with him.

I’ve been an addict since.

Sure, it requires patience, but there’s such mastery at that level of a really, really, really hard sport to play. Sure, the flopping gets old, but let’s not pretend NFL players don’t do it all the time too.

Also, the memes and takes after Captain America’s goal yesterday were legendary. My favorite …


I don’t follow soccer too much but enjoy watching. I was at the Thornes game here in Portland when they won the championship. I watched the US game yesterday. Was a fun game to watch. Nail biter

I really wish I could enjoy watching soccer. I tried, but I failed!


I hate that in all sports tbh.

It does seem especially bad in soccer.

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For sure, turning most sports into…

Except some of the WWE guys are much better actors, haha

I think the 2010 World Cup and also the tourney right before it, I forget the name of it, something like the Confederations Cup. I might have my timeline wrong, but that was very exciting too as the US advanced into the quarters or semis in that one.

I think I love World Cup because its one of the few sports I can watch where the US isn’t just completely dominant. They are actually underdogs quite often and never the odds on favorite.

I also have to admit watching soccer is refreshing in that there are no commercials to muck it up. No down time. Just a build up. I like that slow burn. And the strategy to play for a tie or have to go for the win is also different with how the score points to qualify for the next round.

That said, watching MLS is like watching paint dry.

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Yes to all this.

Our best athletes don’t play soccer.

They play football and basketball.

Imagine LeBron or Steph Curry —with 20 years of playing experience—on a soccer field.

So until that changes, we’ll always be underdogs.

Cena has real chops.

Peacemaker is epic.

I watched a short weeks worth of cricket a few years ago and enjoyed it.

I’ll watch a little World Cup from time to time. Brazil/Argentina and their style of play is fun to see.

I did like the Germans blitzkrieging Brazil with that epic beatdown in 2014.

Here, Croatia passed the group, Japan is the opponent in the round of 16.
Japan beat Spain and Germany, I hope they won’t beat Croatia.
Maybe Bill Belichick should help a little with tactics, after all, he wears Croatia’s insignia on his sleeve, it’s a similar sport, he will manage.


Congratulations to Croatia!


I rarely watch soccer, but shit good for Croatia.

PS - penalty kicks suck balls, what a terrible way to win/lose

Yes, after the game, it was a state of war with us, as there was shooting and rampage.
Not bad for a country of 3.5 million people, last championship we were second, this time at least fourth.
A lot of alcohol was drunk last night, tough morning today.


Sounds like East Lansing after a big win:)

I’ll be rooting for your team from here on out.

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That World Cup game between England and France is pretty entertaining.

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Rooting for ya buddy!

Know poop about soccer, but isn’t Argentina a perennial powerhouse?