Would love to get one of these Wide Receivers in a trade

Several intriguing potential trade targets. Calvin Ridley would be great to get.


This was a great article. And I agree on Aiyuk. Would be an awesome get with our 3rd rounder if possible.

Maybe it wouldn’t hurt to see what sanfran wants for Aiyuk.
If we can get him for a 3rd, it might make sense. He’s young, and has 3 years left on his rookie contract.
Getting someone like that now allows him to get a jump on next year.


Did you know that Calvin Ridley is only 14 months younger than Allen Robinson?

Ridley is a nice player but I’m not giving up a first for the right to pay him.

Reynolds? Next, please.

Greedy? The nickname was fun. I mean I could be convinced. It’s not the Browns are overflowing with elite CBs so I’m not paying much.

Burgess? Anything that increases the chances of Will Harris’ release. I’m sure Will’s a great guy and will find many opportunities in the corporate world.

Gallup? I’m intrigued. Don’t love how much we’ll likely have to at him
next year but the injury may help him. What would we be paying for the right to resign him? Do we get assurances that if paid X he will stay.

Ayiuk? This is my favorite. Are the 49ers really going to cut bait. What for? I’d imagine it would he our second and that gives me some pause. For a 3rd I’d do it in a heartbeat

Gross-Matos? Meh. I mean sure if it’s a flyer but I like what we have at the position.


I’d love to see the Lions working the trade deadline to carve out some wins this season! This would set them up well for next season if they buy young. However, the Lions do not have much cap space, so perhaps a player could be included in a deal… Nick Williams, Will Harris, Deshaun Hand, Kevin Strong, Jason Cornell, Okudah, Vitai, or if Tommy Kramer can step into center this year… Evan Brown. Most of those guys have value without mortgaging the future. Make some stuff happen smart bald guy by translating our strength to mitigate our weakness!!!

If I were Holmes I wouldn’t hesitate to make such a trade but I honestly don’t see SF dealing him.

I think Josh Reynolds is a more realistic option.

Reynolds is UFA next season why give up asset for him now?

Aiyuk sucks this year he would be ok but cheap cus even SanFran can’t figure out why he is so bad some say he put on to much muscle in off season
Asked Wednesday if Brandon Aiyuk adding extra muscle for the 2021 season had actually been a negative, 49ers coach Kyle Shanahan said “possibly.”
Aiyuk is the WR96 by half PPR points. He is bad so far. So you trade for him has to be lower pick . They will want higher pick but his play doesn’t warrant a high pick


Trade for Josh Reynolds?

This is a guy that failed to impress his previous team to the point that the Rams spent 2 picks in the 2nd round and the majority of their available cap space to replace him.

He joined the Titans… on a 1 yr deal with little commitment.

And they had him as a healthy scratch until injuries basically forced them to play him against the Jets… and he still didn’t do much.

So now the Lions should give up an asset for him… when he hasn’t done anything in 4.5 years?

I wouldn’t give up a side salad for him… and I hate lettuce.

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If they like him I could see them giving up the going rate, not sure what that is but it is probably lower than a first. Also, he is only in his 4th year, and it takes receivers a bit of time to develop. If he is available at a reasonable price I’d get him - proven good player that is past his learning curve and we currently have 0 WRs like that.

But now I see this article and I’m not so sure I’d go after Ridley. Maybe Aiyuk or Gallup is the play here.

I do know the Lions should look hard.

I would wait till the off season to make a trade.
What’s the stand on salary cap next year?
There are a ton of good/great talent in the wr free agents class.

We are going to have a bunch of money. We are sitting with $58M in dead cap right now that comes off the books. And its the first year we can cut Flowers and Vatai and save money doing it.

I think if you can get your hands on the right guy who has some years left in his deal, you should go ahead and pull the trigger. He’s not really going to help much this season but sometimes teams will give guys away for peanuts midseason like this. Get him in the building and get a preview of whether he fits the culture or not.

Unless something has changed with his game in the pros - he doesn’t represent what Holmes, Campbell and Pleasant are looking for in DBs.


But you shouldn’t spend a lot to get someone.

If you play a bit with the OTC calculator, you’ll see that even with both of those cuts and the dead money coming off the books, we’d begin 2022 with about 50 in cap space. After some likely re-signings, we’re looking at closer to 30 mil, and that doesn’t include Walker.

It depends on who the guy is. I generally agree. But if you have an opportunity to score an Amari Cooper, I think you take it. Of course, that could also turn into Roy Williams.

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After Tuesday, there’s no trading until march.
Stafford/Goff couldn’t be talked about publicly and wasn’t official until March.

Aiyuk may really just be a victim of bad quarterbacking in SF. JG has been injured and is having a terrible season so far (when he’s played).

He also seemed like he was in the doghouse in preseason and it seems to have followed him into the regular season. I remember seeing a quote from a 49ers coach that was along the lines of “Aiyuk is still learning how to be a pro.”

At any rate, Ridley, Aiyuk, Gallup - they all intrigue me. I wouldn’t mind seeing Holmes bring one of them in. Like @wesleysh21 said, our cap gets much more friendly next year.

My vote is still for Brandin Cooks. The Texan are on fire sale mode. I think he’d be cheap compensation wise.

Pay him virtually nothing this season and 13m during the final year of his contract. That’s his 29 year old season. Gives us a high end number two type and some wiggle room should we whiff on the big WR targets. At the same time it allows you to still go after a Robinson, Gallup, Godwin or Sutton as you can make year one of their contracts cap friendly knowing that Cooks is coming off the books.

Would Houston take a 2022 5th and some mid round in '23? I think they might.

I also like that Goff has familiarity with him.


The only issue I have with Cooks is his age (28) relative to some of the other guys: Gallup (25), Aiyuk (23), and Ridley (26).

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I’m proposing Cooks as a bridge solution. I still want to go War heavy in the draft but that gives the young pups some time before being relied on as the primary options.

It also opens up a straight flush scenario in which you sign say ARob as well and draft a guy like Olave or Bell. Let’s say we resign Raymond as well.

That gives us a 2022 WR room of ARob, Cooks, Olave, St. Brown, Cephus and Raymond. Overnight we’d become on of the better WR teams in the league and we wouldn’t even have a crippling amount of $ committed to the position.

Then you replace Cooks with a rookie in '23 or resign him to a friendlier deal given his age.

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