Would you do this hypothetical trade?

Your top 5 guys are off the board at pick #6 OR both of the guys you want are available.

Would you trade #6, Okudah, and #81 to Raiders for #7 and #38

(Similar trade that just got made between jets and browns)

  • YES
  • NO

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There is ZERO chance of it happening though as no other team is going to pay him $10 million.


They would only owe him $5 million. We are on the hook for $5 prorated already


I didn’t know that, interesting. That would make him easier to trade. And I like magic beans


No, I would give them Okuda or 81 but not both. That would be like giving Okuda away for nothing.


Not only yes but hell yes.

I’m going to say no, while understanding we’d get the same guy at #7 as we would at #6. I might think differently tomorrow.

Okudah will be motivated in his contract year (not that he hasn’t been), we save only $5M, and after his first normal offseason he could come back very strong. He’s good depth for us and suddenly we’re talking about winning the division and competing in the playoffs…

Also, for all y’all bean fans, we gonna get a big pot of the comp variety in the 2025 draft, and Okudah will have his name on one.

I don’t like the idea of getting rid of our #2 CB before we know when Moseley will be up to speed.
Nah. I’ll pass. Not giving up a strength for a maybe.


Yes, but the Raiders wouldn’t.

No. Not at all. Not even a little bit.

With all due respect to you @Jman , this is about as silly as CBS’ recent mock where the Lions trade #6 to Washington for #16 and their first next year.

And they promptly take Quentin Johnston at #16 and Bijan Robinson at #18.

This trade would equal 235 points in the Lions favor for Okudah.
That would be about the #71 pick for Okudah.

I’m not sure why a team like Raiders (who aren’t close to winning now) would give up that much for Okudah when they have to pay him $5 million and pick up the 5th year to insure he stays around more than 1 year.

From my perspective that’s ridiculous

Then again WTF do I know?

I like Jeffe

@jthom19802 @Phunnypharm

I get it, seems like Okudah, 81, and a pick swap from 7 to 6 isn’t enough for their 2nd rounder.

But can’t you believe then that Milllen got the Browns 2nd rounder for just the pick swap…no Okudah no pick 81.

Maybe Raiders would do it?
Cheap 1 year deal for #3 overall CB, could keep him going forward

Pick 81

And move up one spot.

Maybe they think we are in love with Gonzalez and that’s who they want?

I don’t think so. Comp picks are based on losses vs gains. We’ve picked up a lot of players.

I was big on Okudah rebounding last year and there were flashes. I’m on record for this year that he will play to a level that will make us want to retain him. Not give him away.

That said, my answers no!

I don’t see how a pick swap in the 1st has any value for the Raiders

39OA is still 1st rounder territory. I can’t see them ever making this deal.

Lions? Sure. In a heartbeat. Grab a corner #7 and DT #39

No… You can’t have enough DBs and Okudah has starting experience and shown flashes of being at least an average starter… I don’t think swapping Okudah and a 3rd for a 2nd is good value bc I don’t think you get a player as good as Okudah can be in the 2nd… I’d do it without Okudah in the deal tho

60% to 40%

Closer poll then I imagined…maybe it is a decent deal then?

@nate can we PLEASE set a limit to one new poll post per user per week?

Love ya Jmann… but you have been like a teenager making tik tok videos lately lol

And you seem to suggest trading Okudah 10 times a day. … we get it …