Wow, Calvin didn't mention Matthew Stafford by name in his speech

Calvin’s beef with Lions management is well-known, and I thought that part of it he addressed tactfully in his Hall of Fame speech, giving thanks to “Detroit Lions fans and the city of Detroit.”

But I was absolutely startled that he didn’t mention Matthew Stafford by name in his speech. Calvin had his former teammates and coaches stand up, and thanked them collectively.

Sorry, but that’s not good enough when it comes to Stafford, the guy who was on the other end of the vast majority of your catches and TDs.

What’s up there??


Plot twist. If it came out that CJ left because he did t want to play with Stafford anymore, how many of the CJ fluffers here would turn on him instantly?

Wonder if Stafford was the reason he hurt this back. I need to check on some of those throws.


And Stafford was the guy who was getting smashed in the pocket so Calvin could score so many TD’s! Stafford literally threw the ball into triple coverage to him often.

How do you not thank your QB, that’s hard for me to believe?

That’d be like Emmit Smith not thanking Daryl Johnston, his personal fullback.


Kelly was probably mean to Calvin


And for those who didn’t watch Calvin’s speech, Stafford flew in from SoCal to be there, and was shown in the audience throughout the speech.

It was uncomfortable and bizarre.


Plot twist. One of Matt’s kids is actually Calvin’s. They have had beef ever since. And not just the beef CJ put in Kelly.


That’s really, really wild. I loved watching Calvin so much for the Lions but the real life person isn’t my favorite to be honest.


Matt never once paid for drugs. Not once!

Now that I think about it, his mentioning of head coaches stopped at Georgia Tech as well. When he did tell former teammates and coaches to stand up to be collectively thanked, he said, “C’mon, Schwartz, stand up,” presumably to Jim Schwartz. But no personal thanking of any Lions head coach. Not Caldwell. Nobody.

This doesn’t appear to just be about the Lions’ front office. It’s like he’s saying, “Bleep alla y’all for keeping me on such a losing team for my career.”


I haven’t seen it yet, but going off these comments…

Maybe the guy is just an asshole?


Jim Carrey GIF


Stafford flew in to be there for his speech. Imagine Stafford made the hall of fame and never mentioned Megatron, you gotta be kidding me.


Not me. I kind of wondered why Matt always got a pass.

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Or Stafford could’ve thrown to the open guy
And still found time to use Calvin plenty once they stopped triple teaming him.

Remember Matt said the exotic defenses used to STOP CALVIN were tricky for him to figure out.


Hmmm Matt flew out because Calvin is an asshole doesn’t add up

Maybe instead of fans coming up with reasons to slam Calvin
Why don’t we wait to see if it even bothered Matt etc.

Including perhaps there’s a good reason he didn’t and Calvin still has “slammed the lions” every chance he gets because he still hasn’t thrown all those cats under the bus……

Let’s make up reasons to hold against Cslvin while we make up reasons to support the lions.

I swear being lions owner is great business.


It’s a valid point, Stafford’s progress as a QB early is his career could have been slowed down a bit by having Calvin. Seemed like he improved as a QB decision making wise once Calvin retired.


I agree. I don’t think there is any bad blood between Calvin and Stafford. In the shots I’ve seen of Stafford he looks genuinely happy for Calvin.


My biggest beef w/Calvin…
Dude played for how many years, and never once shaved his head!?!
WTF, bro?

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