Wow the NFL announces they might make

Pass interference reviewable after the Saints blown call. But nary a care when we got screwed in the playoffs.

Same with the CJ rule. Nobody cared all that much until it screwed the Cowboys

Yep. Bad rules only matter on large stages. But I’m happy if this is true. Been wanting reviews on PI calls for years. It’s to important to get wrong when there could be 30 yards or more involved.
CJ rule change, now possible PI reviews… I might start caring a little more.
Just a little.
Now, to actually define what holding is, and call it proper. And maybe review the phantom high/low tandem “illegal block” calls. To much to soon Hum! Just get the damn PI’s correct.

NFL referees should be replaced with robots and cameras…

Maybe when the government buys the robotic dogs to protect the border instead of the wall we can get some for the NFL and program them to ref

Can’t use robot refs. It’d be to easy to prove the bias. Just look at their code.

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I love black mirror.