Wow. The Rams really just went there

Somebody needs to photoshop it to say Statford.

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Or Photoshop a giant bronze statue of Goff in front of the stadium.

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Some are funny in regards to how they view Matthew Stafford and his time in Detroit.

What Matt has proven in his time with the Rams is a perfect example of what it takes to win in this league. He won a SB with a loaded roster in 2021. In 2023, he took a non playoff roster (arguably a bottom 1/3 roster) to the playoffs following an injury riddled 2022.

Having a QB of Matt’s caliber paired with one of the better HCs in football can win some games. Matt’s W/L record in Detroit was a product of playing for the worst franchise in sports. If you honestly can’t view this as a fact in the evaluation of what caliber of QB Matt is, you are just jaded…pure and simple.

Goff got to play from the jump with the best HC/GM/culture Detroits ever had and one of the tops in the NFL. That’s the reason right there that the results are what they are. Judging Matt vs Goff as if circumstances don’t matter is quite laughable…

I wish Stafford would’ve left sooner honestly. Then every hater in Detroit would have to eat some serious crow. Because he would’ve been a slam dunk HOFer. Which he’s going to be anyway despite his 12 year Detroit career.

Warrant is way better than Poison, IMO.

Jani Lane actually hated the Cherry Pie song. So I’ll even forgive him for that song.

Well Goff didn’t exactly walk into Fantasy Island here. I mean it wasn’t quite established how good this regime, front office and coaching staff was in the beginning. Goff didn’t walk right into a hot coaching candidate in Ben Johnson. Anthony Lynn was the OC at first. And this regime did begin 0-10 and finished 3-13-1 in their first season. But they did get a nice haul in return for trading Stafford and they have almost shot 100 on maximizing the beans and getting some good players in here. I would have loved to see Stafford with a competent regime like what Detroit has now and I doubt that Goff would have faired well with the regimes that Stafford had to endure! :100:


This is the game where either pregame or during halftime there should be a video tribute to Stafford showing some highlights of his time as a Lion.

I was at the Lions / Rams game in LA in 2021 and the Rams did a nice “Thank You Jared Goff” tribute in their video board.

This should kill the story of the boos.


It’s no Uncle Tom’s Cabin, that’s for sure



Enough with the facts Ricardo :laughing:


Sorry Home Alone GIF by filmeditor


Stafford with a pick 6 AND a sack fumble


That was their best. I also liked Down Boys, Sometimes She Cries, and Mr Rainmaker.


Soon to be also-rans.